1 February 2015

KEELA is live!!

Keela - Slater Brothers (#2.5)

by L.A. Casey

Releasing: February 1st

Keela Daley is stressed out with nightmares and memories from her past, they are haunting her. She has no time to dwell on them as she is moving out of her dog box sized apartment and into her first house with her fiancĂ©. Moving house is a dreaded task, and Keela would love nothing more than for things to go quietly and smoothly, but when you’re engaged to a Slater brother, nothing goes quietly or smoothly. Nothing.
Alec Slater loves his woman. He also loves playing games and surprising her. Picking moving day to do both, turns out to be a failure of epic proportions. Alec wants to make it up to Keela for his mistakes, but as the day goes on, and things go from bad to worse, he doesn’t know if living with him is something she wants anymore.

What started out as a simple day of packing and moving house turns into the day from Hell. Unwanted house guests. Business propositions. Alcohol. Pregnancy tests. Panic attacks. Fighting. Arguing. Sex, and everything else that is crazy and represents the name Slater. Keela has a choice to make, and not one she will make lightly.

Keela adores Alec, and what Keela adores, Keela cherishes.


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“Hey,” Alec murmured in my ear. “Is everything okay?”
No, not at all.
“Yeah... I'm just stressed with the move,” I replied, playing it off like it was nothing.
Alec placed his hands on my arms and gently rubbed up and down. “Are you sure that's all?”
I nodded my head.
“Keela,” Alec began. “Talk to me, what's wrong?”
“Nothin', I'm fine,” I assured him.
His silence spoke volumes, so I decided to give him a little piece of what I was thinking.
“I've just never moved into a house with another person before, especially not another person who is my fiancĂ©. It's sinkin' in that we're for real. I was convinced for a long time that you wantin' me was some kind of fluke. I was expectin' you to realise that you could have anyone, so why settle for me? Then you'd up and walk out.”
Alec turned me to face him and leaned his head down so he could press his forehead against mine. “I don't know what else I can do to make you realise you're it for me. I don't see anyone but you. You're my life, Keela. I wish you knew just how much I love you and how lucky I am that you picked me. You don't know how beautiful you are, and I hope you never realise it because if you do, you'll realise you can do better than my sorry ass, then you'll up and leave me.”
Yeah, right.
“Stop it,” I mumbled and tried to pull back.
“No,” Alec stated firmly and held me still. “You are beautiful. You are perfect to me. You are my life. You are never going to convince me that I am worthy of you. Kitten, I love you so much it hurts. Please realise that.”
Oh, Christ.
I was about to cry. Again.
I quickly lifted my hands to my face and covered it completely.
“I hate you!” I said then burst into tears.
I hated everything.
I had this unbelievably beautiful person both inside and out, and he wanted me by his side for life, yet here I was doubting whether or not we were moving too fast. I wanted to be with Alec for the rest of my life, I swear I did... so why the hell did everything we were doing feel like it was too fast?
Alec took my emotional state as a good sign and put his arms around me and cuddled me to him. He thought I was overwhelmed by his profession of love, and I was, but what he didn't realise was that I was close to breaking down and revealing what was really wrong with me.
“Cry baby,” he murmured to me.
I lightly chuckled and pulled back. “I'm fine, it's just the stress of movin' that has me so teary.”
Alec nodded his head and kissed my forehead. “Let's go get a start on boxing and speed this day up. What do you say?”
I forced a smile. “I say lead the way.”

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Amazon US * Amazon UK * B&N * iBooks * Kobo

Amazon US * Amazon UK * B&N * iBooks * Kobo

Amazon US * Amazon UK * B&N * iBooks * Kobo

Author Spotlight:

LA Casey
L.A. Casey was born, raised and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. She is a twenty-three year old stay at home mother to a two year old German Shepherd named Storm and of course, her five year old – going on thirty – beautiful little hellion/angel depending on the hour of the day. She is the author of the Amazon Bestselling book series, Slater Brothers.

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