14 February 2015

Shakespearean Valentine's

Last year I did Biker Valentine's, this year I'm doing the Bard!

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!

For those of you who have a valentine, for those who don't and for those of you who really couldn't care less, I'm celebrating Valentine's day the Shakespeare way with some of my fav sonnets!

My favourite is Sonnet 55:

Whether it was meant as an impassioned hope to preserve his friend's memory or as a mockery of the egotistical classical poets, I love the eternal message here:

Sonnet 123:

Not exactly romantic be honest. I've always appreciated how Shakespeare comments on repetition of all things and how nothing is new because it has happened before, even love.

Sonnet 138:

This was written for Shakespeare's adulterous 'Dark Lady' and exposes the pitfalls many relationships fall into. He ignores her lies and chooses to remain there but detached from her.

In Sonnet 23:

Shakespeare is too scared to speak of his true love, so he writes about it - we've all been there.

I know these aren't necessarily the most outwardly 'Valentine's Day' themed poems, but I like how they demonstrate the many varied forms of love and expression. 

And because I couldn't resist a Supernatural Gif:

So who has a date with Fifty Shades this weekend?


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