27 February 2015

My Ever-expanding TBR - An Update on Reviews

I've been getting so many review & book promo requests recently so I felt I should address a few things...

I'm currently booked up really far in advance with tours, book blasts, promos etc and am not accepting any requests at this time - I literally don't have the space for them. 

As far as book review requests go my TBR is so full that I'm not physically able to read any more books than I am and so the blog is currently closed for review requests. I will open the list back up again as soon as I can.

I really don't like having to do this because I love helping out as many authors as possible but I literally don't have the space or time. 

I've had a few people getting upset recently because I couldn't fit them in on the blog, so I wanted to make it clear that I really do appreciate every request I receive and am grateful you took the time to contact me. 

Like many other bloggers I receive so many requests that I do not have the time to respond to them all (I do try to reply to as many as I can) but a while ago I had to make the choice between replying to requests and actually reading/writing reviews and posts. Please do not be offended if I do not reply or if I'm not able to work with you at this time because it's not a reflection or you or your work, it's purely a time thing and no offence is ever intended.

I really hope this clears up a few things regarding requests and I wish you all well with your book(s). I wanted to offer a big thank you to all the authors out there who provide us with hours of entertainment and who have given us so many wonderful characters - you guys rock!!

Z xx


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