UPDATED July 2019!

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The blog is currently closed for all requests!

Please read my review/post policies below.

I do not accept any erotica requests. I do however review a mixture of Young Adult, New Adult & Adult books. I also don't review religious books because I'm not informed enough to comment fairly on them.

Please do not send my your book, eARC or promo materials until I have agreed to review as it will be flagged as junk & I may not get your request.

Helpful info about my reviews and blog content:
Because I receive so many requests I’ve decided to speed things up by asking you to please send the following details with the request & answer the questions below if you would like me to review a book:

Book description/blurb/copy/synopsis.
Goodreads, author & pre-order/buy links.
Short excerpt/or a few quotes.
If it has been released: Cover image(s).

What genre is the book (YA, NA, adult, paranormal, urban fantasy, dark romance etc)?
How long is the book (full length, novella, serial & page length)?
Is it a standalone?
This is my personal bugbear: Is there cheating? If so, do the main character’s cheat together (Think Jake Wethers & Tru) or one of the MC’s cheating on the other (Jack Carter)?
Is there a love triangle?
Self-published, small press, indie or publisher name.
Have I reviewed any of your books previously? (This doesn't guarantee a review but will help me recall your writing style).
Please let me know if it includes any really adult naughty scenes.
Has it been edited? Been to beta readers?

My review policy:
Any review posted by me is MY opinion and no offence is ever intended. I try to keep my reviews as spoiler free and as accurate as possible. I may mention previous events from earlier books in a series or from companion novels.
Reviews are from books and e-books that I have either purchased or been sent for review purposes. If I have received a review copy, ARC, or a copy for promotional purposes I will make this clear.
I love hearing from publishers, authors, publicists and other bloggers who are interested in blog tours, giveaways, cover reveals, reviews, author discussions and interviews etc.
I try to get back to everybody BUT I receive so many emails with review/tour/cover reveal requests that I cannot possibly reply to them all. I’m a Brit and we hate being rude. If I had the time I would reply to every email and read every book I’m sent, but unfortunately this isn’t possible. This is not a reflection on your book or idea just my lack of time.
I accept books, eBooks and ARC/proofs for review. BUT I only accept eBooks in kindle/mobi format.
My agreeing to review a book does not guarantee a positive review but I do always try to look for the positive or to offer helpful insights - but again this is purely my opinion.

A review will be placed as my top post for the day over a RDL, cover reveal, blitz and any other promo - UNLESS I have agreed with you beforehand. This agreement has to be confirmed by me in writing/email along the lines of "I will place as a top post" & not just an author, PR, tour host etc deciding this for me.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't keep harassing chasing a review it makes me sad.

Giveaway T&C's:
I cannot be held accountable for winners & prizes - I am not responsible for missing prizes & anything lost in transit. Prizes are sent by standard mail (signed for and tracking is extremely expensive & I'd rather offer more prizes than pay more for postage) and will not be replaced (but proof of postage is gained) . I check all entries before giving out prizes to make sure your entry is still valid. I'm sorry kiddies but you need to be 18 or older to enter, or have a parent enter for your (or have recognised parental permission) as some of the books are for adults. I have purchased these prizes for giveaway purposes & the giveaway is not linked to the publisher, author, company, or any social media unless stated otherwise. You use any product at your own risk & I will not accept responsibility for any reaction you may have to products. If you're not legally allowed to enter then your entry is void. Incomplete entries or giveaway only accounts are also void!! If you don't agree to these conditions please do not enter.

Email: zilirobins (at) gmail (dot) com

You can opt out of contact subscriptions at any time!!


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