30 November 2015

Reap - Review

Reap - Scarred Souls #2
by Tillie Cole

What they say: Raised as a prototype for the Georgian Bratva's obedience drug, 221 fails to think, act, or live for himself; he's his master's perfectly-crafted killing puppet. Standing at six-foot-six, weighing two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, and unrivaled in to-the-death combat, 221 successfully secures business for the Georgian Mafiya Boss of NYC, who rules the dark world of the criminal underground. Until his enemies capture him.

Talia Tolstaia dreams to break from the heavy clutches of Bratva life. She dreams of another life--away from the stifling leash of her Russian Bratva Boss father and from the brutality of her work at The Dungeon, her criminal family's underground death-match enterprise. But when she stumbles upon her family's captive who is more monster than man, she starts to see the man underneath. A powerful, beautiful, damaged man whose heart calls to hers. But sacrifices must be made--blood for blood...life for life...souls for scarred souls... 

I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in an exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Reap is full to the brim of drama, angst and romance. It's dark and menacing and may contain potential triggers. It won't be everybody's cup of tea, but I enjoyed the action and the modern Romeo and Juliet elements.

221 is a warrior and a slave. He has lived in captivity by his brutal 'master'. He's been held under the influence of mind control. Talis is the determined daughter of a Russian Mafia boss, who resents being controlled by her family and is looking for the kind of love her brother Luca has (his story is in book #1 Raze).

I liked 221 aka Zaal and Talia. Talia's conflict was interesting because she shouldn't want Zaal, she should find him terrifying, but she can't seem to help herself. Zaal may be brutal but he seems to reserve his softer side for her and is willing to do anything to protect her. 

There are a lot of naughty moments, some of which made me blush, whilst some made me slightly uncomfortable. BUT it was the sweet, softer moments I most appreciated.

It was interesting to catch up with Luca and Kisa (don't worry no spoilers). I'm looking forward to a certain lady and her story coming up next...

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


29 November 2015

Ten Thousand Skies Above You - Review

Ten Thousand Skies Above You - Firebird #2
by Claudia Gray

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What they say: Ever since she used the Firebird, her parents' invention, to cross into alternate dimensions, Marguerite has caught the attention of enemies who will do anything to force her into helping them dominate the multiverse—even hurting the people she loves. She resists until her boyfriend, Paul, is attacked and his consciousness scattered across multiple dimensions. 

Marguerite has no choice but to search for each splinter of Paul’s soul. The hunt sends her racing through a war-torn San Francisco, the criminal underworld of New York City, and a glittering Paris where another Marguerite hides a shocking secret. Each world brings Marguerite one step closer to rescuing Paul. But with each trial she faces, she begins to question the destiny she thought they shared. 

The second book in the Firebird trilogy, Ten Thousand Skies Above You features Claudia Gray’s lush, romantic language and smart, exciting action, and will have readers clamoring for the next book.

Published by Harper Teen/Harper360

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Amazon * Amazon UK

What I say: I've been really looking forward to reading Ten Thousand Skies Above You and I wasn't disappointed. The plot is concise, exciting and sometimes kinda crazy but it kept me guessing right to the end.

The plot picks up after A Thousand Pieces of You and Marguerite finds herself on a mission to save Paul and help Theo. As with the first book we get to see the characters travel across dimensions, plus we even get to revisit some of our old favs (don't worry I'm not going to spoil anything by telling you who).

This book is more friendship focused than the previous story and I liked seeing a different side to Theo. Oh Paul!!! The fun aspect of a multiverse story is getting to meet different versions of the same character - you can never have too many Pauls!

There is lots of action and drama, but also some sweet romantic and happy moments. The science is interesting and not too complicated, or at least, it's simplified for readers and Marguerite to understand. I really like the Firebird series, roll on book 3!

4 Stars in my Sky!


28 November 2015

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - From the Archives Review

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
by Kirsty Moseley


What they say: Amber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father. One night her brother's best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate relationship that spans over the next eight years.

Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before. Amber is still emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Together they make an unlikely pair.

Their relationship has always been a rocky one, but what happens when Amber starts to view her brother's best friend a little differently? And how will her brother, who has always been a little overprotective, react when he finds out that the pair are growing closer? Find out in The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window.

What I say: I originally delayed writing my review for so long because I really didn't know what to say about the book. It's one of those stories which has me really conflicted. On one hand it is a sweet YA romance with some cute scenes, but on the other hand it covers some pretty troubling topics and skirts around certain issues.
I've noticed huge inconsistencies between other reviews for the book (either really good or really bad) and I think people must have had similar problems as me. The writing and plot structure are fairly unbelievable in parts (the ending is the ultimate HEA) and the issues covered are not always dealt with in the most sensitive of ways BUT I do still really like the book and I'm a big fan of Kirsty Moseley. Moseley has a writing style which you'll either really like or you'll hate. Some of the dialogue did seem forced and a little silly. I liked the use of nicknames, but I can see why others would find them annoying. 
Amber is a survivor of sexual abuse and attempted rape. She can't stand to be touched except for by her mother, her brother Jake, and her next door neighbour Liam. I personally think it's the speed of her change which people have a problem with. She gets a boyfriend and has sex with him really quickly.
Some of the plot points did make me question if teenage girls would really act like they do here. BUT these scenes are funny to read and I liked when Amber came out of her shell by getting her inner vamp on.
The scenes with Liam are really sweet (even though he's pretty much your average horny teenage guy). Some of the conversations between the two are a little cheesy at times, but I felt they helped counteract the highly stressful and emotional abuse issues - plus it is a story for teenagers. Amber's brother (and Liam's best friend) Jake, is really protective of her and I liked their relationship.
I did find some parts including the final confrontation rather convenient, but I did like the ending. The romance/sexy scenes are more NA in places and innocent in others. The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window is sweet, sentimental and fluffy in places, whilst being horrific and dark in others.
I was obviously feeling kinda harsh when I originally reviewed Amber and Liam's story, so I want to point out that I did enjoy their book...

*Updated Rating* 3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • "Liam, if you wanted to make me hot, all you need to do is take your clothes off."
  • "By, 'prep work', you don't mean you're going to flirt and make me horny as hell again like yesterday, do you?"
  • "If I'm not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house?"

Review originally posted on 9th June 2013 here.


27 November 2015

Review - Silence is Goldfish

Silence is Goldfish
by Annabel Pitcher

What they say: My name is Tess Turner - at least, that's what I've always been told.

I have a voice but it isn't mine. It used to say things so I'd fit in, to please my parents, to please my teachers. It used to tell the universe I was something I wasn't. It lied.

It never occurred to me that everyone else was lying too. But the words that really hurt weren't the lies: it was six hundred and seventeen words of truth that turned my world upside down.

Words scare me, the lies and the truth, so I decided to stop using them.

I am Pluto. Silent. Inaccessible. Billions of miles away from everything I thought I knew.

Tessie-T has never really felt she fitted in and after what she read that night on her father's blog she knows for certain that she never will. How she deals with her discovery makes an entirely riveting, heart-breaking story told through Tess's eyes as she tries to find her place in the world.

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I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I'm going to start by saying I read several reviews before starting Silence is Goldfish. They seemed to either really promote or slam the book - there didn't seem to be any middle ground. I was expecting the book to be the Marmite of the YA world. Was it? Well yes it was, at least to a certain degree.  To be honest I enjoyed the story, but did sometimes find Tess hard to like. 

I enjoyed the language - Tess's snark and inner torment made me smile. I remember seeing a T-shirt ages ago with the slogan 'I come with my own background music' and Tess gave me similar feelings. She's witty and far more switched on than I'd expect from somebody of her age. She's also sort of removed from reality. She exists inside her own mind. The tone of her voice actually reminded me of a teenage Marvin the Paranoid Android.

Snark and wit aside, Tess did sometimes annoy me. Yes she’s an outcast but I did find it hard to always feel sympathy for her. In similar books I've felt drawn to this type of character - in The DUFF I loved Bianca's voice and found her far easier to like.  

What I particularly appreciated was how the book covers a lot of deeper issues. We see Tess battle against the usual teen issues like lack of self-confidence and doubt, but it's her other relationships and problems I found more intriguing.

The goldfish wasn't at all what I was expecting, but I found the idea to be clever and a useful tool. I'm honestly not sure what I was expecting from the story, but it definitely had it's ups and downs. Fans of thoughtful YA contemporary stories, will be intrigued by Silence is Goldfish, which is an interesting and clever read... 

3 - 3.5 Stars in my Sky!


26 November 2015

Wasted Time - Giveaway Blast

Wasted Time
by Mya O'Malley 

Wasted time mya

Do you believe that some souls are destined to be together, even through hardship and deceit?
After 9-11, Declan’s heart is torn between wanting to stay with Morgan and needing to fight for his beloved country. Knowing that the future may be uncertain, he kisses his fiancĂ©e goodbye and focuses on his mission until that dark day from which he will never fully recover. Injured in Afghanistan, Declan has lost more than part of his leg; he’s lost part of himself, now plagued in grief and guilt. How could he possibly ask Morgan to take care of him for the rest of his life, being nothing but a burden to her? Which would be more heartbreaking, feigning his own death or bringing her unhappiness every day? If only he could eradicate her from his mind and be at peace with his decision.
Morgan prays day and night for Declan’s safe return, but when his letters stop coming, Morgan knows in her heart that she has lost him forever. Morgan has a hard time believing in fate and destiny after her fiancĂ© is taken from her. With Declan gone, Morgan’s hope for true love is destroyed, but eventually she finds comfort in the arms of another, even though Morgan’s new love knows that her heart belongs to Declan.
Will Morgan eventually be able to move on, or will Declan haunt her dreams forever?


Her face was the only thing that had kept him sane during his deployment. At this moment, however, thoughts of Morgan had been pushed to the side for reasons of pure survival. Declan wiped the mud from his eye with a swift movement of his hand, just quick enough so that he could see again. Booming thunder went off near and far.

Swearing under his breath, Declan closed one eye and squinted the other shut as he spied his target. Breathe. One, two, three… he could do this. The first time he’d had to shoot another man he had faltered, hesitated only the briefest of seconds, during which time the man escaped his line of sight and shot a fellow soldier in the leg, causing serious injury.

This time, Declan concentrated, aimed his M4 rifle, and fired. The distinct thud of a man dropping to the ground confirmed the target had been hit. Swiping at the sweat in his eyes from the sweltering mid-day heat, Declan gulped and struggled to his knees. Lining up his rifle again, his neck and shoulders ached with fatigue. He bit down and gritted his teeth, tasting dirt while fighting off the pain.

It seemed as if hours had gone by, when in fact, it had probably only been minutes when finally the haunting sound of gunfire ceased. Not one to trust silence in any setting, Declan mentally counted upward until he reached near fifty.

“All clear,” his buddy, Sean, called out. “All clear.”

Declan, always cautious, still maintained his position until he heard his fellow soldiers from his platoon begin to speak. Peeking up from his ravine, Declan rose slowly to his feet as the rifle was pressed to his side.

Surveying the damage, it appeared that several of their enemies were lying still on the ground. The man he had shot lay still, appearing lifeless. Another man lay several feet away. It seemed the enemies had taken off, deserting the boundaries of the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. His platoon mates fell silent, all business as they quickly gathered their belongings to head back to base.

Declan clutched his rifle, drawing closer to his victim. Curiosity had gotten the best of him. Fully aware of his previous actions, Declan stepped even closer. He had never killed a man before — injured, yes, but never killed. This man did not appear to be alive.

His heart sped up as sweat caused his fatigues to cling to his body. For God’s sake, the man looked to have been only in his early twenties at best. What have I done? What are we doing here? Waves of nausea rose and Declan swallowed hard.

“Hey! Step back!” Sean called out. “Move out! I repeat, move out!”

Hearing his friend call out to him, Declan turned toward the sound of his voice, realizing his mistake seconds too late. He should have known better; he should have. But no amount of training can prepare you for taking another man’s life.

Glancing swiftly at Sean through tear-stained eyes, he saw the movement in his peripheral vision. Sean raced to the open dirt road. They were sitting ducks, in plain sight. The man that Declan had presumed dead, the one he had shot, raised his own rifle and fired at Sean, who dropped instantly to ground.

“No! No!” Declan spun his head back to the imminent threat, a moment too late. The force of the explosion knocked him to the ground in an instant. Morgan’s face was the last thing that registered in his mind as another shot fired, leaving his world black.


Clouds scattered overhead, cries of gulls bringing back another time, a different memory, sitting here with Declan by her side. Morgan squeezed her jaw, fighting back the pain.

Months later, there was still no word from Declan. On the Internet, she had searched out his name relentlessly but there was no mention of Declan, no death certificates and his name couldn’t be found on any list of casualties of the war. It was as if he had simply disappeared, but that wasn’t possible and she feared the worst. He was gone and there was no closure for Morgan, as his only living relatives were his mom and some family living on the west coast, whom Declan hadn’t seen in years. Even she and Declan’s old friend, Stephen seemed to be losing touch.

She could sit on this beach and watch the water forever; it was a place Declan had cherished, a place she felt close to him. Never again would her life be the same without Declan Blake. How was she going to make it without him?

The world was quiet and without joy for Morgan. Even Morgan’s mother nagged her to speak with a therapist. She didn’t see the purpose of smiling or laughing when it was all forced. Constant thoughts of Declan plagued her day and night.

Morgan nearly jumped when her cell rang. First instincts were to let the call go to voicemail, but she knew the person calling would only persist. That’s how it had been lately; she would ignore phone calls only to find tons of messages waiting.

It was Elle, calling for the second time that day. “Hi, Elle.”

“Where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you for hours,” Elle exclaimed.

“I don’t know, I’m just hanging out.”

“Down by the river again?” Elle inquired.

“Yup,” Morgan responded as she moved her foot around in the sand.

“Figured as much.”

Elle’s voice sounded odd, almost as if she were hearing her close by. Morgan turned to see her friend walking toward her on the grassy path leading to the small beach.

Rising to her feet, Morgan felt tears escape. Elle was by her side, arms wrapped around her within moments. Morgan released Elle and took a small step back.

“Oh, Elle, what am I going to do?” she sobbed.

“You’re going to live, dammit. Declan would want you to be happy.”

“How? How can I forget about him, just move on?” It wasn’t possible, she had tried, and it just wasn’t working. Even when she was at work, she was just going through the motions; she did her job, but her heart wasn’t the same.

“I think it’s time for you to see someone to talk about all of this. You’ve waited long enough.”

She was right and so was her mother, believe it or not. “I will, Elle. I will because I don’t know what else to do.”

“Morgan, you’re the strongest person I know. You have so much happiness and love to share. I have full confidence in you. You’re going to make it and come out stronger in the end.” Elle spoke through her own tears.

“Thanks, Elle. I love you.” Morgan felt better knowing there was someone on her side rooting for her.


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Author Spotlight:

Mya Omalley

Mya O'Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter and three step-daughters. The family also consists of a boxer, Destiny and a ragdoll cat named Colby. Mya earned an undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy. She works as a special education teacher and enjoys making a difference in the lives of her students.
Mya's passion is writing; she has been creating stories and poetry since she was a child. Mya spends her free time reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She is a romantic at heart and loves to create stories with unforgettable characters. Mya likes to travel; she has visited several Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica. Mya is currently working on her eighth novel.



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25 November 2015

Vegas Love - Tour & Review

vegas love book ktour.jpg

Vegas Love
by Jillian Dodd

Book Tour with excerpt & giveaway

vegas love it's live.jpg
Meet Ashlyn & Cash in VEGAS LOVE!
Jillian Dodd's newest SEXY contemporary romance releasing November 24th!


vegas love new cover.jpg


Hollywood actress, Ashlyn Roberts, just had the worst week of her life. Her ex released a sex tape of them and just when she was convinced her current boyfriend was a keeper for standing by her side, he breaks up with her at a friend’s wedding. She’s planning to drown her sorrows in booze when she meets a sexy stranger as she’s leaving the wedding and they end up in Vegas, married.

Cash Crawford is offered a dream job working with his brother as a junior talent agent. He’ll put his shiny new law degree to good use and make a bunch of money in the process. His first task is simple: Keep Ashlyn Roberts out of trouble and don’t sleep with her.
Which might be kind of tough, since they definitely consummated their Vegas wedding.

Will this one night stand end in the quickie divorce they promised each other? Or will they realize they got lucky in love?

vegas love teaser 1.jpg

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Vegas Love is a fun and naughty, contemporary romance, with a darker edge and a hint of gossip.

Ashlyn and Cash have the kind of instant chemistry most people would love to experience. They are drawn to each other right from the start, and although they begin their romance under pretty unique circumstances, they experience all the ups and downs of a regular relationship - Except their romance is carried out under the scrutiny and glare of the media.

I generally don't really like romances with such quick pacing as insta-love isn't my thing, but given the circumstances, the pacing made sense, and is cleverly built into the plot.

Get you swoon on ladies, Cash is gonna make you blush! Be warned, the book includes lots of naughty details and dirty language, so if this isn't your thing, then Vegas Love isn't the book for you.

I'd love to read about the other Carter brothers and even about Ash's ex...

3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!


She pulls me into a limo. “Where are we going?” I ask. Not that I care. At this point, I’d go just about anywhere with this girl. She’s amazing. And I don’t just mean the sex—which was practically mind-blowing. She’s gorgeous and funny as s**t.
“I’m surprised you’d want to go there after—” She grabs my lips in her fingertips and shuts them, giving me fish lips.
“Rule number one,” she says. “No talking about the past. Other than I’m going to say that the last two times I’ve been in Vegas have been big disappointments. Give me a minute. I need to make a call.”
“Who are you calling?”
“Carter Crawford. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to borrow his plane. I happen to know he’s not leaving here until tomorrow afternoon. Do you know him?”
“The best man?” I ask. I consider telling her that I know Carter quite well, since he’s my brother, but I don’t. She wants a no-names-kind-of night. Which is funny considering everyone knows the actress Ashlyn Roberts, who’s well-known for her blockbuster movie roles, red carpet antics, and bubbly personality.
“After the breakup with Luke and before I started dating Zach, Carter took me to Vegas,” she says, causing me to tense up. Just the thought of her fucking anyone other than me—particularly my brother—threatens to rip me apart. How can I possibly feel so crazy jealous over her already? It was just sex. Wasn’t it? “I thought our trip would be romantic with a whole lot of hot and sweaty, you know, but nothing happened between us. His brother, Cade, is my agent, and he was just trying to cheer me up.”
I breathe easier, then let my lips graze down her neck. “If hot, sweaty, romantic Vegas is what you want, Hotass. It’s what you’ll get.”
“I need a wig though.”
“So no one recognizes me, silly. I have a fake ID. Sometimes, I just want to go out without it being a scene. Tonight is one of those nights.”
“I bet we can find you a wig in Vegas.”
“Ha, you’re right,” she says as I pull her on my lap and kiss her again.
We f*** on the plane.
Drink some more.
When we land in Vegas, we go directly to a store where she sends me in to buy a wig.
“What kind?” I ask.
“Long and blond.”
“Hot,” I say.
“While you do that, I’ll get us set up in a hotel.”
When I get back in the town car, she tells the driver which hotel to take us to.
“I’ve never stayed here before,” she says, pulling on the wig. “You go get the key, okay? I told them your name was Harry Tripping and not to ask for ID.”
“That’s funny.”
We ride the elevator to one of the upper floors and enter a sprawling suite. “Very nice. You have good taste.”
“Only the best for our wild one-night stand.”
A butler appears out of nowhere. “Anything you need?”
“Nothing he can’t give me,” she says, pulling on my tie and giving me a naughty grin.
I send the butler away then lead her over to the windows. “Look at this view.”
“Ohmigawd! Look! The Bellagio fountains are starting!” She leans against the glass and looks down. “Wow. This is kinda trip.”

vegas love love teaser 3.jpg

Author Spotlight:

jillian bio.jpg

Jillian Dodd grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She has drank from a keg in a cornfield, attended the University of Nebraska, got to pass her candle, and did have a boy ask her to marry him in a bar. She met her own prince in college, and they have two amazing children, a Maltese named Sugar Bear, and two Labrador puppies named Camber Lacy and Cali Lucy. She is the author of the That Boy Trilogy and The Keatyn Chronicles Series.


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