28 November 2015

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - From the Archives Review

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
by Kirsty Moseley


What they say: Amber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father. One night her brother's best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate relationship that spans over the next eight years.

Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before. Amber is still emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Together they make an unlikely pair.

Their relationship has always been a rocky one, but what happens when Amber starts to view her brother's best friend a little differently? And how will her brother, who has always been a little overprotective, react when he finds out that the pair are growing closer? Find out in The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window.

What I say: I originally delayed writing my review for so long because I really didn't know what to say about the book. It's one of those stories which has me really conflicted. On one hand it is a sweet YA romance with some cute scenes, but on the other hand it covers some pretty troubling topics and skirts around certain issues.
I've noticed huge inconsistencies between other reviews for the book (either really good or really bad) and I think people must have had similar problems as me. The writing and plot structure are fairly unbelievable in parts (the ending is the ultimate HEA) and the issues covered are not always dealt with in the most sensitive of ways BUT I do still really like the book and I'm a big fan of Kirsty Moseley. Moseley has a writing style which you'll either really like or you'll hate. Some of the dialogue did seem forced and a little silly. I liked the use of nicknames, but I can see why others would find them annoying. 
Amber is a survivor of sexual abuse and attempted rape. She can't stand to be touched except for by her mother, her brother Jake, and her next door neighbour Liam. I personally think it's the speed of her change which people have a problem with. She gets a boyfriend and has sex with him really quickly.
Some of the plot points did make me question if teenage girls would really act like they do here. BUT these scenes are funny to read and I liked when Amber came out of her shell by getting her inner vamp on.
The scenes with Liam are really sweet (even though he's pretty much your average horny teenage guy). Some of the conversations between the two are a little cheesy at times, but I felt they helped counteract the highly stressful and emotional abuse issues - plus it is a story for teenagers. Amber's brother (and Liam's best friend) Jake, is really protective of her and I liked their relationship.
I did find some parts including the final confrontation rather convenient, but I did like the ending. The romance/sexy scenes are more NA in places and innocent in others. The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window is sweet, sentimental and fluffy in places, whilst being horrific and dark in others.
I was obviously feeling kinda harsh when I originally reviewed Amber and Liam's story, so I want to point out that I did enjoy their book...

*Updated Rating* 3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • "Liam, if you wanted to make me hot, all you need to do is take your clothes off."
  • "By, 'prep work', you don't mean you're going to flirt and make me horny as hell again like yesterday, do you?"
  • "If I'm not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house?"

Review originally posted on 9th June 2013 here.


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