17 June 2019

The Moment We Fell - Tour

The Moment We Fell
by Kelli Warner

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 25th 2019
Wave Runner Publishing

Nothing good happens when people keep secrets.
 Paige Bryant’s dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer died along with her mother. Drowning in grief and plagued by guilt, Paige is blindsided by a provision in her mother’s will that sends her to live with the father she never knew. Forced to start over in a new town and at a new school where she's now the principal's daughter, Paige is convinced that her life can’t possibly get more complicated—until fate throws her into the path of the only boy her guardian tells her is off-limits.
 Despite two years on the straight and narrow, Cade Matthews can’t escape his time as a juvenile delinquent. With his dad behind bars, Cade’s feelings of anger and betrayal are as relentless as the rumors he’s trying to outrun. The only person not listening to the gossip is the new girl with her own set of troubles, including a father who will never give Cade a fair shake.
 As Paige tries to adjust to her new life and an uncertain future, a set of unopened journals reveals a dark family secret. When tensions rise to a boiling point, can Paige and Cade make peace with the past before it destroys them?

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Kelli Warner writes humorous and relatable young adult and contemporary romance novels, the kind of stories that get your insides so wound up in an ooey gooey mess that you forget about the un-fun stuff in life. She's passionate for a good cup of coffee (even a bad one on a desperate day), enjoying time with friends and family, and spending lazy Saturday mornings watching the Food Network. Kelli and her husband live in Oregon with their two teenaged children and an outstanding border collie named Lucy.

Cade slides off the rock and moves to stand in front of me. The rain has stopped. “Tell me about your mom.” Everything in my body threatens to shut down, as if he just pulled the fire alarm on my soul. “What was she like?” Unable to look him in the eyes orgrasp a cohesive sentence that consists of more than three words, I stare at the dirt and mumble, “She was amazing.” Cade’s tenor is soft when he asks, “What made her amazing?” “How much time do you have?” Leaning in, he whispers, “As much time as it takes.” 

Will go live on Monday 17th HERE(winner announced 30th June)
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$50 Amazon gift card/Wooden sign that reads: Coffee: because adulting is hard/Coffee mug/Decorative candle

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16 June 2019

Recent Release - The Doughnut King

The Doughnut King - The Doughnut Fix #2
by Jessie Janowitz

What they say: Superfudge meets The Lemonade War in the second book of this charming, funny, and heartwarming series about growing up, family, change, and as always, doughnuts. 

Tris Levin thought moving from New York City to middle-of-nowhere Petersville meant life would definitely get worse...only it actually got better. But just when things are looking up, problems start rolling in.

His doughnut business has a major supply issue. And that's not the worst part, Petersville has its own supply problem, it doesn't have enough people. Folks keep moving away and if they can't get people to stay, Petersville may disappear.

Petersville needs to become a tourist destination, and his shop could be a big part of it, if Tris can keep up with demand. There's only one solution: The Belshaw Donut Robot. If Tris can win "Can You Cut It," the cutthroat competitive kids' cooking show, he can get the cash to buy the machine. But even with the whole town training and supporting him, Tris isn't sure he can live with what it takes to takes to win. 


15 June 2019

Coming Soon - The World’s Worst Teachers

Ooh cannot wait for this, it releases on 27th June!

The World’s Worst Teachers
by David Walliams

What they say: Millions of young readers have loved the World’s Worst Children tales – now they will revel in this delightfully dreadful collection of the most gruesome grown-ups ever: The World’s Worst Teachers. From the phenomenally bestselling David Walliams and illustrated in glorious colour by the artistic genius, Tony Ross.

Think your teachers are bad? Wait till you meet this lot. These ten tales of the world’s most splendidly sinister teachers will have you running for the school gates. Dr Dread teaches science and is half man, half monster… Watch out for the ghastly Miss Seethe. She is ALWAYS furious – and she’s on a detention rampage. And as for Pent, he’s a teacher with a real difference. He is bone-shakingly terrified of… children!

Millions of children have loved the World’s Worst Children – now they will revel in this delightfully dreadful collection of the most gruesome grown-ups ever, The World’s Worst Teachers. Brought to you by number one bestselling author, David Walliams, with every story illustrated in glorious colour by artistic genius, Tony Ross. 


14 June 2019

All the Fun! Odd Gods

Odd Gods
by David Slavin and Daniel Weitzman 
Illustrations by Adam J.B. Lane 

What they say: Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Percy Jackson in Odd Gods, the first book in a hilarious illustrated series about the most unlikely, unusual Gods ever to grace the halls of Mount Olympus Middle School.

A Summer 2019 Kids' Indie Next Pick!

Oddonis may be the son of Zeus, but he’s a little bit…odd for a God. He’s so odd, in fact, he’s not sure if he has any powers at all. And if that isn’t enough, his twin brother Adonis is the most popular, most athletic, and most otherworldly handsome God of them all.

Oddonis’s future at Mount Olympus Middle isn’t looking bright, especially when he makes the last-minute decision to run against Adonis to be class president.

With the help of his friends Mathena (Goddess of math and poultry), Germes (God of all things sniffling and snotty), Puneous (the smallest God of them all), and Gaseous (enough said?), Oddonis is determined to win the race, prove that his friends are as good as any Greek God, and maybe, just maybe, find out what his true powers really are.

Read the hilarious new adventures of Oddonis and his friends from debut children’s authors David Slavin and Daniel Weitzman, filled with dozens of black-and-white illustrations by award-winning artist Adam Lane. 


13 June 2019

Review - Demon Veil

Demon Veil
by Grace Hudson

What they say: An ancient evil is unleashed.
Maia Gellman is the house roadie for her uncle’s bar. Life is simple until one horrific night changes her world forever. Alone and terrified, she finds herself on the run from an evil she cannot name. An evil that calls out to the part of her she would rather not face.
Now she is a killer, whether she likes it or not, and she must stay one step ahead of those who wish to destroy her. A meeting with a mysterious stranger finds her in the company of new friends, friends she is determined to keep safe. But the one who stalks her seems to know her, perhaps better than she knows herself. To face him, she must face the truth about who she is, and what she has become.

Pre-order - Coming 27th June

What I say: To say Maia's shift at work takes an unexpected turn is a massive understatement She goes from helping set up bands to being on the run from unknown mystical forces in the blink of an eye. A few pages in and all I could think was that escalated quickly! 

I enjoyed the Almost Famous band road trip meets Supernatural vibes although would have loved more character and story development. It would be nice to see Maia learn more about her history and start to challenge herself in the future.

Maia's survival tactics range from clueless and comical to badass acceptance - this makes more sense when you read it I promise. I wasn't the biggest fan of a certain band member that I'm sure other people will love. I'm not a big fan of lying by omission but I can see the appeal...

The twists are dramatic and fit the plot, so they never feel forced. I enjoyed the drama and pace of Demon Veil and found myself quickly engrossed in Maia's story. I would have liked a longer book as it did seem to end rather rapidly. Perhaps there's another instalment coming soon?!

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


12 June 2019

Whatcha Reading Wednesday - Escape from the Isle of the Lost

This week I'm reading:

Escape from the Isle of the Lost - Descendants #4
by Melissa de la Cruz

What they say: Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos may have once been the baddest of the bad, but their wicked ways are (mostly) behind them-and now graduation is almost here! But before the seniors can don their custom-designed caps and gowns, courtesy of Evie, they've got an epic plan to put into action. There are tons of villain kids on the Isle of the Lost who are eager for their chance to come to Auradon Prep-even Celia, Dr. Facilier's trickster daughter, wants in on the deal!-and Mal's crew is using their upcoming visit to the Isle to help make it happen. But Auradon's biggest threat is still at large?

Trapped on the other side of the barrier, Uma is more desperate than ever to get her long-awaited revenge against Mal. When she discovers an underground lair belonging to Hades, god of the underworld, Uma realizes she's found the perfect partner in crime. Together, they can defeat Mal, bring down the barrier, and escape the Isle for good.

Mal and Uma have a score to settle, and they'll come face to face in an explosive underwater battle that could determine the fates of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost once and for all.

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