9 February 2015

Covenant Readathon - Day 1

Seth's Coming!!

Val and Jess at Stuck in Books are hosting a Covenant Read-a-thon in preparation to the release of Jennifer L. Armentrout's new spin-off series featuring the lovely Seth - THE RETURN.

Read-a-thon schedule (from Stuck in Books):

Monday, February 9th: DAIMON & HALF-BLOOD
Tuesday, February 10th: PURE
Wednesday, February 11th: DEITY & ELIXIR
Thursday, February 12th: APOLLYON
Friday, February 13th: Catch-up
Saturday, February 14th: Catch-up
Sunday, February 15th: SENTINEL
Monday, February 16th: Wrap-Up & THE RETURN

If you missed the sign-up then you can do so here to join in the fun!

Val and Jess have scheduled the following book chats here (posted from Stuck in Books):

Monday, February 9th: 8 PM EST on Twitter with Val
Tuesday, February 10th: 7 PM EST on Facebook with Jess
Wednesday, February 11th: 7 PM EST on Twitter with Val
Thursday, February 12th: 8 PM EST on Facebook with Val
Friday, February 13th: 8 PM EST on Twitter with Jess & Val
Saturday, February 14th: 5 PM EST on Facebook with Jess
Sunday, February 15th: 6 PM EST on Twitter with Val
Monday, February 16th: 7 PM EST on Facebook with Val & Jess

Due to my being in the UK and being on a completely different time zone I'll probably be posting before or after those times but will be reading along and joining in anyway :)

They've also set up a Covenant Readathon Facebook group Here.

Twitter chats will use the hashtag #CovenantReadathon

I somehow managed to miss out Daimon when I originally read the series so I finally have the chance to catchup - Let the reading begin!

Thanks ladies, I hope you don't mind me posting the read-a-thon info?! x


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