6 August 2013

Tour + Review: Jagged Little Edges by Lorelie Rozzano

Edgy Addiction Fiction
Date Published: 1/15/13

British Columbia author Lorelie Rozzano has taken her own life experience shackled by the chains of addiction and is turning it into a series of fictional novels that weave first-hand experience into compelling stories. 
The book takes you on a ten year journey, through the depths of despair, as Lyndsey, a darkly fascinating protagonist, looks for her happily ever after. This story will move and inspire you. It will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more.
The first in the series – Jagged Little Edges is now available. 
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
What I say (review): In Jagged Little Edges Lorelie Rozzano does a great job of showing the darker side of life. The story is told in parts describing the main character Lyndsey's steep fall into addiction and her battle for survival. It is about Lyndsey's downward spiral and her trying to overcome addiction and her other problems.
At the beginning Lyndsey is a teenager with a horrible home life who starts drinking and smoking. She ends up in an abusive relationship and becoming an addict. Jagged Little Edges is an extremely dark book and at times I struggled to stay with the story. Every time it seemed things would get better or couldn't get any worse, then BAM something awful would happen and Lyndsey would suffer even more.
The story covers different types of addiction ranging from drugs and alcohol to being addicted to a person or situation. Throughout the story Lyndsey faces horrible parents, the loss of her child, an abusive boyfriend known simply as him, a suicide attempt, and her boyfriend Drake walking out on her. Like I said it is NOT AN EASY STORY TO READ, but if you stick with it then it's an interesting read, which made me rethink certain choices I've made in the past.
At times I wanted to scream at Lyndsey to stop her from making another terrible decision. I found all the abuse she suffered from him a little hard to take and then when Drake left I was devastated along with her.
Jagged Little Edges is most certainly a story which will stay with me for a long time; it's heartbreakingly sad, gritty and difficult, but at the same time kind of hopeful (Lyndsey always wants more) - it's a cautionary tale.
3.5 Stars in my Sky!

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