14 August 2013

Tour + Review: Armed With Steele by Kyra Jacobs

Armed With Steele by Kyra Jacobs - Blog Tour and Review

What happens undercover, stays under covers.

Jessica Hartley is looking for answers surrounding the mysterious car accident that nearly claimed the life of her best friend. She’s willing to risk it all, even her fledgling business, to find the person responsible and bring them to justice.
Nate Steele is more than willing to help Jessica, but for reasons all his own. He’s been watching the infamous Maxwell Office Solutions for some time now, convinced there’s more going on than meets the eye. When his chief issues a cease and desist order yet again, Nate has no choice but to accept inexperienced Jessica as an undercover partner outside the letter of the law. 
Will Jessica and Nate be able to flush out Maxwell’s elusive villain, or will their growing attraction for each other sabotage their undercover ploy? Motives aren’t always what they seem when Jessica finds herself armed with Steele.
CONTENT WARNING: Beware drool-worthy men in uniform, touchy-feely coworkers, and vindictive ex-girlfriends.
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Author Spotlight: Kyra Jacobs is a happily married, mother of two, who grew up in Indiana. When she’s not pounding out scenes for her next book, she’s likely goofing around with her husband and kids or elbow-deep in snapdragons and Lamb’s ear in one of her many flower gardens. She also loves to golf (though, golf doesn’t really love her) and to jam on the bass in Guitar Hero.
Be sure to stop by her blog, http://www.indianawonderer.wordpress.com for updates on her writing journey and other musings as seen through the eyes of this Midwestern writer.

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What I say (review): I have to admit when I saw the title Armed With Steele I was expecting a smutty story about a stripper policeman. BUT the story Kyra Jacobs has written is an exciting contemporary mystery/romance.

Devastated after her best friend's car accident, Web designer Jessica Hartley is convinced the crash was most definitely not an accident! Jess starts her own investigation into Grace's car crash and discovers a link between Grace's workplace and the scene of the accident. This leads Jess to policeman extraordinaire and extreme hottie Nate Steele!

Nate and Jess end up working on their own less-than-authorised investigation into Grace's employer. The only solution Nate can think of is for Jess to take over Grace's old job and work for Maxwell Office Solutions. I really enjoyed reading the scenes with Jess and Nate, because most of them were hilarious - Jess seems to have an innate ability to make a fool of herself!
Jess's Mum was a great edition, she kind of reminded me of Bridget Jones's Mum for some reason?! I also loved Nate's pervy best friend and college Charlie, he had some brilliant one-liners! Nate's crazy ex-girlfriend Katie added some drama to the plot and was a great way to get Jess all flustered. I would have liked seeing Jess and Nate's relationship building a bit more, but I enjoyed seeing Nate go all possessive alpha male around Charlie!
A fun book with an interesting mystery and some smexy scenes which will have you wanting your own hot cop!
4 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • Brutus had been demoted to sleeping in the hallway the night before. Licking the enemy - I was certain many wartime mascots had been killed for less traitorous acts.
  • "Well you can leave your guns and cuffs in the car, thank you very much." "Darn," he said, a twinkle in his eyes. "There goes that idea."

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