27 August 2013

Blast from the Past Review: Deeper Than Midnight by Lara Adrian

Midnight Breed #9


At eighteen, Corinne Bishop was a beautiful, spirited young woman living a life of privilege as the adopted daughter of a wealthy family. Her world changed in an instant when she was stolen away and held prisoner by the malevolent vampire Dragos. After many years of captivity and torment, Corinne is rescued by the Order, a cadre of vampire warriors embroiled in a war against Dragos and his followers. Her innocence taken, Corinne has lost a piece of her heart as well—the one thing that gave her hope during her imprisonment, and the only thing that matters to her now that she is free.

Assigned to safeguard Corinne on her trip home is a formidable golden-eyed Breed male called Hunter. Once Dragos’s most deadly assassin, Hunter now works for the Order, and he’s hell-bent on making Dragos pay for his manifold sins. Bonded to Corinne by their mutual desire, Hunter will have to decide how far he’ll go to end Dragos’s reign of evil—even if carrying out his mission means shattering Corinne’s tender heart.

What I say: A lot happens in Deeper Than Midnight, but at it's heart it a really sweet love story!

Aww I loved Hunter, he's right up there amongst my fav Order members! Having spent his life as an assassin for Dragos, he's not really had many positive experiences and has been trained to turn off all emotions. Dragos used the UV collars to manipulate his assassins and stopped them from having sex, falling in love or from having any free will.
It was really sweet watching him realise what his er... responses to Corrine actually meant. Certain scenes had me laughing at how niave he was; where all the other warriors were super sexed former man-whores Hunter didn't even recognise desire. Hunter knew only violence until Mira's vision saved him and led him to Corrine.
Corrine also suffered at Dragos's hands, being abducted and used to breed another assassin with the Ancient. After being saved by the Order, Corrine is brought into more secrets and lies. She had expected Brock to be there but he's now mated to Jenna, but she finds a better match in Hunter.
Hunter and Corrine work together to find her missing son Nathan and to discover more about Dragos and his evil empire.
On another note... The ending was a real shocker, I genuinely didn't see that one coming and couldn't believe Chase. Lara Adrian leaves the series on a real cliffhanger which is set to change EVERYTHING!
4.5 Stars in my Sky!
My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • She knew how terrible she must look to him, but Hunter was gazing at her with open admiration, as though she were the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
  • Hard as it was to maintain the illusion his talent generated, he didn't think he'd tire very quickly of looking at the self-assured, all-business woman in the oh-baby dress.
  • Running toward the mansion with a dozen or more cops hot on their heels. Dragos had sent them here.

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