9 August 2013

Review: Rain On Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds

What they say: Will Morse lives alone in a remote cabin in the mountains north of Atlanta, grieving over the loss of two of his daughters and the collapse of his marriage and career.

Over Christmas, Will receives a visit from his only remaining child, his daughter Alicia, who broke off contact with him five years ago. Alicia informs Will that she’s getting married in the spring, and asks him to attend the wedding.

Alicia’s wedding is an opportunity for Will to reconnect with his family and regain part of what he has lost. But Will struggles with his still-raw emotions over his role in his daughter Trixie’s suicide.

Will tries to reach out to the few women in his life to find a date, and makes an unexpected connection with Dorothy Crawford, a writer who shows up at his door, seeking directions. Will develops feelings for Dorothy, but finds that she has secrets of her own.

As the wedding nears, Will must find a way to put the pain and guilt he feels Trixie’s death behind him, weigh the pain he feels at Dorothy’s betrayal with his own need for forgiveness, and pull himself together for his daughter’s sake.

RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is a poignant, wrenching story about a father’s love, a daughter’s compassion, and the universal need for forgiveness and redemption.

  • Published by Scary Hippopotamus Books - ISBN: 098891638X
I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review!
What I say: Even after reading the blurb I had no idea what to expect before reading Rain On Your Wedding Day, but I was pleasantly surprised by the devastatingly sad and sweet story.

I always find something intrinsically fascinating whenever I come across stories about recluses. I guess it triggers the need in me to understand why the person has cut themselves off from society and if they will ever feel comfortable enough to live outside of their imposed sanctuary. In the case of Will Morse, it is the terrible pain of his past and the invasion and judgment of others which caused him to hide away in his remote cabin.

I cannot imagine not having a close relationship with my Dad, so it was really nice to see Will and his daughter Alicia begin to rebuild their troubled relationship. Alicia seemed to be one of the only people who could bring Will out of his hideaway, and for her he literally faces his worse nightmare.

I liked Dot and felt she also helped Will (even if her methods were somewhat suspect). Hope. Believe. Love seems to be the message in this contemporary romance. The mystery and unanswered questions even had me doubting Will at one point. For a really sad story I felt the ending was poignant and uplifting.
4 Stars in my Sky!
My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • "They say age brings wisdom, but it isn't true. All you ever get is a better sense of your own limitations."
  • "The world needs sad stories." "I know," I said. "But I prefer happy endings."
  • "Yeah, we really want you there," Toby said stiffly. It was a good thing he was an ethnomusicologist; he would have starved as an actor.

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