8 June 2014

Romance Festival 2014 - My Top 10 Romance Books

I'm really excited to be taking part in the Romance Festival 2014 and to be sharing with you my top 10 romance books from the authors involved.

My list is also available over on the #Romance14 website.

Right, in reverse order, here goes...

My Top 10 Romances of the Romance Festival 2014:

10. Crazy, Undercover, Love – Nikki Moore - 2014

Charley and Alex are very much on my mind because I have only recently finished reading Crazy, Undercover, Love, but also because I enjoyed their chemistry. Holy hotness!

Alex is mysterious and enchanting, but mainly I really wanted to uncover Charley’s big secret. This makes the list because I was entertained throughout.

9. Fame – Tilly Bagshaw – 2011

What is fame or celebrity? I like how Tilly Bagshaw analyses and questions the celebrity lifestyle in Fame. The Wuthering Heights references are clever and I really appreciate the no-nonsense approach.

8. Charade – Nyrae Dawn – 2013

I’m a fan of University/College stories but they can often be clich├ęd. This isn’t the case with Charade. From the very start (once I’d recovered from my fury) I remember being engrossed in Cheyenne’s and Colt’s story.

I hadn’t expected Charade to be as sad as it was in parts, but there are also some great lighter moments to lessen the heartache.

7. The Scandalous Love of a Duke – Jane Lark - 2014

I couldn’t have a top ten-romance list without including a historical novel. The Scandalous Love of Duke includes an almost modern heroine in Katherine and a fab historical hero in John.

I loved the Cinderella aspect of the story and found the characters and plot to be engaging and endearing. The story is surprisingly funny in places yet infuriating in others, but I loved it.

6. Rumour Has It – Jill Mansell – 2009

I’ve read quite a few ‘Girl Friday’ stories but Rumour Has It is the one that stayed with me. I liked Tilly’s bumbling attitude and the small town life Jill Mansell presents made me smile.

Jack had everything I wanted in a hero; he’s beautiful, demanding and oh-so-tempting.

5. On Dublin Street – Samantha Young – 2012

I couldn’t write a top ten list and not include On Dublin Street. Jocelyn’s story is so heartbreaking, yet manages to remain brilliantly optimistic. I loved Braden and found him charmingly annoying.

This one’s a scorcher and I wish all apartments came with a hot Scot!

4. The Edge of Never – J.A. Redmerski – 2012

The Edge of Never is a tearjerker and a really emotional romance. I think this is because both Camryn and Andrew are extremely believable and the story is really well written.

J.A. Redmerski does a wonderful job in engaging her readers and developing her characters. The journey Camryn and Andrew travel is devastating and brilliant.

3. Rule (Marked Men #1) – Jay Crownover – 2012

If you like your romances on the grittier side, then Rule is for you. I’m a big fan of Jay Crownover’s writing style and her Marked Men series. Rule is the classic story about opposites and love.

Shaw is caring, kind and patient whilst Rule is the ultimate tattooed bad boy. The reason I love this story so much is because of the intense chemistry between the leads.

2. You Had Met At Hello - Mhairi McFarlene – 2012

A friend recommended You Had Me At Hello because I’m a big fan of second chance romances. She told me I’d be torn between wanting to cheer the characters on and to shake some sense into them, well she was right! I cannot remember being as frustrated by a book couple as I was with Rachel and Ben. BUT I loved them!

Every time I read the story I find myself laughing at Ben and feeling on edge at the angst and drama. When it comes to romance You Had Me At Hello will always be on my list.

1. Wait For You – J. Lynn/Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2013

The reason Wait For You tops my list is because I love a strong female lead. Avery doesn’t need physical strength to get by, because she is a survivor. Cam never tries to control her but simply supports and encourages her; all done whilst being a bundle of swoon-worthy American hotness!

I’m a huge fan of J.Lynn/Jennifer’s writing and I love how she incorporates humour and snark into her books. Wait For You is a brilliant contemporary New Adult romance, with swagger, charm and depth!

What are your favourite romance books and authors? Who do you love and who is overrated? Who would make your list out of the authors involved? 
Sound off in the comments. 

You can see the full list of programmes, events and join in the #Romance14 fun here!


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