24 May 2013

Immortal City Giveaway Reminder

It's the last few days that my Immortal City giveaway is available to enter! Don't forget to enter...!
You may have read my review of Immortal City by Scott Speers. If you did you'll have noticed that I was massively conflicted about it because on my first reading I loved it but the second time I really wasn't sure. I reread Immortal City in prep for reading the follow up Natural Born Angel, but I have decided that I need to work out my confusion over book 1 first. Therefore I've decided I need somebody else to help me decide.
This is where you come in. I'm offering you the chance to win a paperback copy of Immortal City and a super cute 'Keep Calm and Carry on Reading' magnetic bookmark. 
Once you've got the book I want you to read it and then help me decide whether it's good or bad. Basically I would like somebody to do a short guest post
The review doesn't have to be long but it means you get a free book and funky bookmark.
I know most of us have e-readers but if you're like me you still have masses of books too!
The giveaway starts at midnight on 15th May and runs for two weeks!

If you fancy winning Immortal City, the bookmark and writing a review then enter below, you know the drill: 


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