28 May 2013

Giveaway Results & Can of Worms!

I eventually managed to get Rafflecopter to work (just about) and so I could finally get a winner for the Immortal City contest! The Winner is: Anne P (Anne you should have received an email from me)!
On another note...!
I think I unwittingly opened a whole can of worms with my defence and review of M. Leighton's Until I Break! This is exactly what I didn't want! I really enjoyed this book and find it a massive shame that it's been removed from sale. I do not think she deserves all the vicious responses from Internet trolls re: the content. I also understand that people are allowed and welcome to their own opinion, I was simply suggesting mine!
After my post I received several harsh and gross comments which I have since removed. As a result I panicked when I received a comment yesterday about my other posts, thinking I was being attacked again. The comment was actually asking a question and making a valid suggestion for the blog. So on that note MY BAD and I'm sorry I misunderstood. I think this shows again the negative impact that trolls have! Anyway thanks for the helpful suggestion and I will add the 5 Star filter!
Also I stand by my review and think that Until I Break is a thought provoking and very different read which although I enjoy is definitely not for everybody!

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