19 May 2013

Blast from the Past Review: Magic Slays (Kate Daniels Book 5) by Ilona Andrews


What they say: Plagued by a war between magic and technology, Atlanta has never been so deadly. Good thing Kate Daniels is on the job.

Kate Daniels may have quit the Order of Merciful Aid, but she’s still knee-deep in paranormal problems. Or she would be if she could get someone to hire her. Starting her own business has been more challenging than she thought it would be—now that the Order is disparaging her good name, and many potential clients are afraid of getting on the bad side of the Beast Lord, who just happens to be Kate’s mate.

So when Atlanta’s premier Master of the Dead calls to ask for help with a vampire on the loose, Kate leaps at the chance of some paying work. Turns out this is not an isolated incident, and Kate needs to get to the bottom of it—fast, or the city and everyone dear to her might pay the ultimate price...

What I say: Magic Slays is different to the previous books in the series, in that Kate and Curran are finally together! Now don't let that worry you because they still fight and drive each other crazy, they are the King and Queen of banter!
Magic Slays is much darker than the other books and a lot of bad stuff happens. The reader gets to discover a lot more about Kate's past and her insecurities. Kate goes through the ringer emotionally, but Curran has her back and really supports her. I loved the moment when she finally realises how much he loves her.
Kate is struggling to get her new business off the ground and the sudden reappearance of Andrea, her unwanted bodyguards and the potential threat to all magic users doesn't help. Julie features a lot more in Magic Slays and she has a big influence on the events at the end of the book. I love how Julie is such a Kate mini-me, it's a really cute relationship.
New character Roman takes quite the shine to Andrea, I'm hoping this leads to a showdown with Raphael in the next instalment!
Kate is rather begrudgingly trying to tackle the role of Curran's mate and Pack female alpha/consort! She's as bad ass as ever and is still prepared to dish out quite the smack down.
Naughty Ilona and Gordan leaving us with THAT closing line...! Magic Slays is a great edition to the series and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 6!
4.5 Stars in my Sky!
My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • “May I say that I am delighted that my favourite alpha is feeling better. Why, you'll be running recklessly into danger against overwhelming odds anytime now.” 
  • “You snore worse. At least I don't turn into a lion in my sleep." "I only did it once." "Once was weird enough, thank you.”
  • “Too much excitement, Your Majesty?” I asked. “He was standing too close.” “He was asking about Andrea.” “Too close. I didn’t like it.” Curran wrapped his arm around my shoulders and started walking, steering me away from the group. His Possessive Majesty in all of his glory.”
  • “My ego doesn't need soothing. I don't want him soothing anything of mine, including you.” 

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