23 May 2013

Elves: Hot or Not?

I'm big fantasy fiction fan, whether it be YA or Adult. I've been reading Cursed which is the story of human girl Claire and her journey throughout a mysterious land with Elves Aeron and Farron.
This got me thinking about Elves in literature - We're used to reading stories involving vampires (Twilight, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Morganville Vampires etc), aliens (The Lux series, The Ravening, The 5th Wave, Ender's Game), fey and magic (The Iron Fey series, The Starcrossed Magic series) and so on, but what about Elves?
I'm on a mission to discover more books based on Elves
rather than fey, faeries or pixies.
In the meantime I thought I'd pay homage to my favourite Elf, Legolas!
Legolas is arguably Tolkien's most famous Elf (and defo the hottest - thanks to Orlando Bloom). Described as fast, tall and 'fair of face', Legolas is strong, brave and a fierce warrior. He is lethal with his bow and arrow, and has mad swordsmanship/knife skills. Tolkien's Elves are immortal and have excellent eyesight, but what about other Elves in fiction?!
The original hottie with long blonde hair, let's hear it for
Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thranduil!
Fan art by Idolwild on deviantART!


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