1 March 2015

KANE Cover Reveal

Kane - Slater Brothers #3
by L.A. Casey

Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations

Releasing: May 5th


Aideen Collins is a free spirit. She is outspoken and tough as nails, but she has to be after growing up in a house full of men. Family means everything to Aideen. Her family consists of her four brothers, her father, and her group of wild friends. Aideen is protective of her family, there is not a lot she wouldn’t do to keep them safe.

Kane Slater is a tortured soul. Literally. He is misunderstood by people, even feared by them thanks to the scars that mar his face and body. He relishes in their fear because people who fear you, won’t want to know you. He likes his circle limited to his brothers and their girlfriends, but a thorn from an Irish rose is dug deep into Kane’s side, and her name is Aideen Collins.

Aideen and Kane don’t get along… at all. Aideen is the only woman who stands up to Kane and throws his bullshit back at him without fear of hurting him. Kane is the only man who can see right through Aideen's tough exterior. He knows her deepest, and darkest secrets. They can’t stand each other, but they want each other. Badly. They hide their need behind arguments, and banter, but when Kane drops his guard for all to see, and succumbs to an illness within his body, it’s Aideen who steps up to the plate to take care of him.

An illness is the least of their worries when a devil from Kane’s past comes back to play with him. Everybody in Kane’s life is threatened, and with his body fighting against him, he doesn’t know if the luck of the Irish is enough to keep his family safe and his demons at bay.

Kane needs Aideen, and what Kane needs, Kane takes.



“I broke a nail!” I screamed as pain shot up my finger.
“No!” Kane cried.
Multiple footsteps pounded down the hallway and then bodies burst into Kane’s bedroom. “What?” All his brothers hollered as they piled through the doorway.
Kane pointed a trembling hand at me. “Her nail! She broke her nail!”
With a perplexed look I looked at Kane then to the brothers who all gasped and flung their hands over their mouths. They all gripped onto furniture, or onto one another to stay upright.
I was so confused. I had no f**king idea what was going on.
“Your nail?” Alec screeched.
Nico placed his hands on the side of his head and shook it from side to side. “Anything but your nail!”
Ryder rushed over to me and grabbed the hand I was cradling and thoroughly examined it, and when he saw confirmation that my nail was gone, he whimpered. “It’s gone. Gone forever!”
“No!” Kane wailed, fell back onto his bed, and flung his arms over his face. “Why did it have to her nail? Why, God? WHY?”
I glared at Kane, then his brothers.
The bastards were taking the piss out of me, and my broken nail.
“I hate you all.” I said then turned and walked out of the room.
I made it half way down the stairs before I heard the eruption of belly rumbling male laughter, and even though it pleased me greatly that they were smiling again, I hated that it was at my expense.
“Bloody brothers,” I grumbled.

Slater Bros Series

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Author Spotlight:
LA Casey

L.A. Casey was born, raised and currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. She is a twenty-three year old stay at home mother to a two year old German Shepherd named Storm and of course, her five year old – going on thirty – beautiful little hellion/angel depending on the hour of the day. She is the author of the Amazon Bestselling book series, Slater Brothers.

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