3 September 2014

What to Support?!

Hey lovelies I want your opinion on something blogging related... 

How do you feel about hosting Release Day Blasts, Blitzs, Promos etc when the PR/author/publisher etc won't give you the book/doesn't have copies?

I'm not talking about reviews (I'd NEVER do that without the book). I LOVE helping out authors, PRs, publishers etc because sharing is caring! But I don't like rudeness from anybody!


I get dozens of ARCs every week and many review requests (I also think if you're blogging for free stuff, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons)! I just like to support things/books/events/authors I believe in.

This is an issue because to support something fully you need to have seen/read it. Obviously lots of promos are long before the book is out so this is a different matter.

Anyway, I was just wondering how you all feel about this?!

If you don't wanna comment publicly below, FB or tweet me, then as ever, you can drop me an email. 

It's just something which has been doing the rounds recently and I'm interested in hearing your opinions. 

Thanks, Zx


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