12 September 2014

Divinity Review

by Michelle L. Johnson

What they say: When Julia climbs into a flaming car to save a trapped child, she's left wondering why either of them survived. Then she learns that her father is the Archangel Gabriel, and that she is half human, half Archangel. With guidance from Michael, the most powerful Archangel, Julia sets out to discover her own history and explore her angelic powers. But her journey is cut short when an evil force, invisible to human and angel alike, tears her world apart. Now Julia must fight through her despair, harness her newfound gifts, and risk her very soul to stop the A'nwel and protect the family she never knew she had. What she doesn't know is that Archangels have secrets too.

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ISBN13: 9781939392350

Author Spotlight:

Michelle L. Johnson was born in Ohio and adopted by Canadians. They traveled all over North America, and when they weren't on the road Michelle could be found with her nose buried deeply in the pages of a book. With all of her travels and adventures, she hopes to bring some of her unique perspective to the pages and to entertain others the way all of her heroes have for her. When she's not hanging out with her feathered friends, she's busy being a literary agent with Inklings Literary Agency. She says wherever she hangs her coffee mug is her home, and right now that's a toasty warm Jacksonville, Florida with her happy Cocker Spaniel and her small family.

I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I decided to read Divinity because I liked the idea of a new take on angels, demons and heaven. I wanted to read a different type of angel story and Divinity is definitely different from most other angel based books out there. 

MC Julia has a pretty traumatic history, which we slowly discover as the story unfolds. If Divinity were a YA story (it's not) then she'd without a doubt, be the misunderstood high school outsider. This is because she doesn't really seem to fit in with society. After miraculously surviving something which should have killed her, Julia learns of her angelic heritage.

I liked Julia's boyfriend Alex, who seemed really sweet. But I didn't really understand certain events surrounding him and didn't always know what to think. The same goes for her friend Charlie who also had a pretty troubled life. I did like Isabel and felt really sorry for both her and Julia at times.

I have seen some negative comments about the pacing of the story. There were times when it seemed a little off and where Julia seemed a little stiff. I think this was more down to her personality (she's closed off) rather than the writing. There are some pretty upsetting revelations about Julia's life. I kept hoping something good would happen and I wanted her to have a family and get a HEA. She did remain strong throughout the book and I appreciated how she seemed to take things in her stride - She's almost a little too calm at times. I did find Julia a little difficult on occasion because she's so closed off, but I could understand why, considering all the terrible things that have happened to her. An interest take on angels and their offspring.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


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