8 September 2014

Evernight ARC Review

Evernight - Darkest London #5
by Kristen Callihan

What they say: Holly Evernight belongs to a very special family of inventors. They have nobly served the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals for generations. And Holly may have the most special creative powers of them all. But her skills are about to be tested as she tries to save the life of a half-man-half machine whose clockwork heart is ticking down to the bitter end...

William Thorne was a rebel, a hired assassin for the SOS's greatest rival, before he was taken, tortured, and transformed. Now his mind and soul battles with his body as he becomes less and less human. But the true fight for his humanity will be waged within his heart.

The fifth book in Kristen Callihan's critically acclaimed Darkest London series set in Victorian London will appeal to fans of New York Times bestselling authors Amanda Quick, Gail Carriger and Hannah Howell.

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  • Due for release 26th Aug by Little, Brown Book Group (UK)
  • ISBN: 9780349406084

I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Evernight is part of a series but works well as a standalone. Set in a fictionalised 1800's London, we get to meet a whole host of different supernatural beings, plus some pretty awesome human (or nearly human) characters.

Holly Evernight is rich and beautiful, but mostly she's an intelligent and very independent woman. She's an inventor who works with metal. She uses her 'elemental' power over metal to assist her work. William Thorne is a demon of sorts, who becomes an unwilling participant in a strange experiment and needs Holly to help heal his now clockwork heart. I did find the idea of the supernatural combined with mechanical a little confusing at the beginning but I soon found myself greatly invested in the almost steampunk world Kristen Callihan has created.

As Will battles against the metal/mechanical and to maintain his sanity, Holly is fighting against her own personal demons. Her life is in danger and everybody seems out to get her. They end up agreeing to work together to solve their problems...

A lot happens in Evernight and I was a little confused as to the back story and lore. There's the powerful Adam and the demons, then the fae Queen Mab (I can't say any more without posting spoilers).

My only complaint was the ending (yes I'm aware I seem to be saying this a lot recently). The ending was a little abrupt but it did allow for a good build up for the next instalment in the series...

4 Stars in my Sky!


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