30 September 2014

Tweet Me Tuesday - Bookshop Sleepovers and Cute Dogs!

Because I spend WAY too much time looking at random stuff on Twitter, FB, Youtube & the web in general, I decided to dedicate Tuesdays to the random-awesomeness you can find online. So I give you 'TWEET ME TUESDAY'...

It won't always all be book related but at least some will. Please join in and share yours with us all and spread the love! (It doesn't have to be from Tweets - just anything random/interesting you've seen online this week!

In no particular order, my fav stories online this week are:

Bookshop Sleepovers (HELL YES)!!

Tweeted by Shelf Awareness (via The Wallstreet Journal blogs)

Apparently in Japan you can have a sleepover in a bookshop with ALL THOSE BOOKS!!!

What do you think? Sigh me up!!

Imaginary Doors.

So cute!! This dog won't come inside until an imaginary door is opened!

Tweeted by Lisa Renee Jones (via Huffington Post)

Read the story/watch the video here!

The English do Wales!

Tweeted by BuzzFeed UK

I'm the first to admit that I'm terrible at geography, but as a Brit I should be able to draw Wales, right?! Apparently I'm not the only one who can't. 

Z. Elizabeth this ones for you...



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