3 September 2014

To Tempt an Earl - Release Day

To Tempt an Earl (Greenford Waters Legacy, #2)

by Kristin Vayden

Genre: Regency
Series: Greenford Waters Legacy
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

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Tempting an Earl is not for the faint of heart.
Thank heavens Bethanny is anything but faint!
Now, honest, perhaps--too honest, but never faint!
After all, why flirt when you can tempt? And why the devil would a woman choose to swoon, when she could be kissed?
Of course, she'd never try something so...honest, on anyone but Lord Graham.
He's the only one she wants.
He alone has her heart.
He hadn’t a clue.
So it was only polite that she tell him.
Now, if only her blasted guardian, the Duke of Clairmont, would see Graham as more of a suitor than his old friend.
Because Graham is anything but old and most certainly not just a friend, not after that kiss, or that touch.
Though, if she were to lay all her cards on the table--which any gently bred woman ought--he wasn't completely aware it was her mouth, her lips, or her touch.
But that's beside the point now, isn't it?

Loving her was betrayal, resisting her was impossible.


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Kristin Vayden
Author Spotlight:

Kristin's inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it! She loves to make soap, sauerkraut, sourdough bread and gluten free muffins. Life is full of blessings and she praises God for the blessed and abundant life He's given her.


To Temt An Earl Teaser 3

Also how gorgeous is the cover?!



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