26 February 2014

Abandon (Shattered Hearts 3.5) Review

Abandon (Shattered Hearts #3.5) by Cassia Leo

What they say: This gritty spin-off of the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts Series follows mysterious and sexy Tristan as he attempts to abandon his demons in the name of love. 

A steady stream of meaningless sex is all Tristan has left when he discovers the grandmother who raised him is dying and his best friend is getting married. He is lost; and the dark secrets in his past keep coming back to remind him of this.

Until Tristan has an idea that will change his life and fulfill his dying grandmother’s wishes: Abandon his playboy ways and settle down.

And who better to do it with than Senia, the girl who has occupied his thoughts since their scorching hot tryst in the back of his sports car. The girl who makes him laugh and feel like a kid again.

But when his world begins to crumble around him, the pain Tristan is hiding finds its way to the surface. Will Tristan finally learn to trust again? Or will he abandon Senia when she needs him the most?

  • Abandon was published in Jan 2014 by Gloss Publishing.

What I say: Abandon is a spin-off from Cassia Leo's Shattered Heart Series, but if like me you haven't read Claire and Chris's story then fear not Abandon works well as a standalone novel. It focuses on their best friends Tristan and Senia. 

Tristan is something of a lone ranger; he lives alone, doesn't commit and fulfils the sexy musician bill very well! Bassist Tristan comes from one hell of a messed up family and is plagued by a horrific childhood. He has a lot of issues (parts of the story are dark so be warned), but he's also sexy and mysterious. 

Tristan and Senia have known of each other for a few years (through Chris and Claire) and although they have had several near misses they haven't really gotten together until now.  I enjoyed seeing all the different sides to Tristan; yes, he's a player but he's also super sweet with his sister and gran. I wasn't expecting his family situation to go where it did and I didn't see the Mum plot coming.

I didn't feel I got to know Senia as well as Tristan but their banter was heaps of fun. It's often difficult to make the female MC likeable but I felt Cassia did a good job with Senia. I would have liked to experience their relationship grow more because they're effectively thrown in at the deep end.

I'm adding Tristan to my book boyfriend list - it's the long hair! Kidding, he's really well written! I'm off to read the rest of the Shattered Hearts series to see what I missed out on!

4 Stars in my Sky!

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