18 February 2014

Walker Review

Title: Walker
Author: Michelle Flick  
Release date: December 11th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Kate isn’t thrilled to be moving to the middle of nowhere. She's already lost her parents, now she's leaving the only place she's ever known as home. She’s not there long when she realizes her dreams aren’t her own and that she has the ability to walk through other people's dreams. Not only that, but she might have found her dream guy--literally. He's in her dreams.

Just when she starts to get the hang of dream walking, strange murders in her new town start to occur. Girls are being killed as they sleep with no evidence, no suspects and no clear motive behind the deaths. It doesn’t take Kate very long to realize that the girls aren’t just being killed as they sleep—they’re being killed in their sleep.

Kate must figure out how to find the killer in the real world and keep the ones she loves safe while they sleep.

Author Spotlight:

I teach middle school English in a small town so I try and stay up on all things YA, and secretly thrilled I have this excuse to read this genre all the time. I am a mom and teacher, so writing is a passion that I try to squeeze in. I have a new contemporary in the works (well - I started it like 6 years ago) and about several in the back of my brain Some none reading and writing!

This year 2013 - I got married and had a baby! She's beautiful.

I am an avid dog lover. If there is a dog in my vicinity, I will be on the ground playing, petting, and loving. I cannot resist! I have a collie (Lady Fergilious aka Fergie) and an Italian mastiff (Mia). And I think we might be toying with the idea of a third one... secretly hoping for a St. Bernard.

I was a dancer for 16 years so I am always fascinated by it: music, style, rythum, costume, everything! Music is also a big aspect of my life, you wont walk into my house without music playing in some room!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say (review): I love a good paranormal or supernatural story and I've have a thing about dreams ever since Izzy from Roswell High could dream walk and so I was instantly drawn into the premise of Walker

Kate and her older sister Jesse have moved to a small town for a fresh start. Kate soon learns that she can dream walk - this isn't always as fun as it sounds! Aside from the dream walking, there's the potential love interest(s) and the school bullies to deal with. Kate's also coming to terms with personal tragedy and the heavy burden of trying to start again. 

Another great element were the mysterious deaths plaguing the town and the hunt for the killer. This helped build jeopardy and create drama of more than just the teenage variety. The staying awake element reminded me of the 'don't blink' ones in Doctor Who.

I loved the 'dream guy' parts and it was interesting to see this relationship built. The good thing is it wasn't rushed as teen relationships often are. We all have our dream guys (although not in quite the same way as Kate) and I was hoping for a HEA for them all.

Every girl needs a trusty side kick or two and Kate had her bestie Elise and her super cute dog Fergie. I enjoyed Walker and found Kate a strong and fun MC!

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


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