23 February 2014

Hockey and Sporty Books

Winter Olympics, Hockey and Sport themed books

To celebrate the last event of the 2014 Sochi games and because I fancied looking at pics of Hockey players, I'm looking at sports themed books (or at least books where a sport is a big part of the story).

The Off hockey series by Sawyer Bennett starting with #1 Off Sides - I really liked book one and I need to find the time to read the others. If you prefer the girl to be sporty how about Offside form The Barker Triplets series by Juliana Stone?

The Real fighter series by Katy Evans: Real, Mine & Remy - Defo one of my favs, tied with Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster - I mean who could decide between Remy and Travis?! 

I've also been seeing a whole lotta love for Worth the Chance by Vi Keeland from her MMA Fighter series.

Kirsty Moseley gives us a taste of high school sports with football in Always You - I admit it's a bit of a stretch calling this a sports book coz it isn't (it's a friends in love story) but there's a LOT of Football mentioned. 

Which sport themed books or books fearing sports would you recommend? Not The Perfect Game series please! I only read book #1 because I couldn't get past Jack's cheating and it's not for me.


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