15 February 2014

Reaper's Legacy Review

Reaper's Legacy - Reaper's MC #2 by Joanna Wylde

What they say: Reaper's Legacy is a raw and intensely erotic tale in Joanna Wylde's Reapers Motorcycle Club series.

Eight years ago, Sophie gave her heart-and her virginity-to Zach Barrett on a night that couldn't have been less romantic or more embarrassing. Zach's step-brother, a steely-muscled, tattooed biker named Ruger, caught them in the act, getting a peep show of Sophie he's never forgotten.

She may have lost her dignity that fateful night, but Sophie also gained something precious-her son Noah. Unfortunately, Zach's a deadbeat dad, leaving Ruger to be Noah's only male role model. When he discovers Sophie and his nephew living in near poverty, Ruger takes matters into his own hands-with the help of the Reapers Motorcycle Club-to give them a better life.

Living with outlaw bikers wasn't Sophie's plan for her son, but Ruger isn't giving her a choice. He'll be there for Noah, whether she wants him or not. But Sophie does want him, has always wanted him. Now she'll learn that taking a biker to bed can get a girl dirty in every way.

  • Published 28th Jan 2014

What I say: After reading Reaper's Property I didn't have to wait long to get my paws on the next instalment Reaper's Legacy as it was out the next day. Still focusing on the Reapers Motorcycle Club, this time Joanna Wylde follows Sophie and Ruger (who made a brief appearance in book one).

Ruger is a biker through and through, only showing his softer side to his nephew Noah and his stepbrother's ex Sophie. Ruger hates his brother and loves Noah like his own, but has a complicated relationship with Sophie (I think you can probably guess why). He's often torn between anger, annoyance and lust when he's around her. Sophie is only 16 when the book begins and is wrapped up in Zack and his lies.

Years later Sophie is struggling to look after Noah until Ruger shows up and drags them to his house and into his biker world. There are many clashes in the book over how possessive Ruger is of Sophie but he doesn't want to give up his freedom and won't commit to one woman. 

The Old Ladies and other biker girls play a big part in helping Sophie adjust to the MC world and help her face her demons. Marie and Horse are back as bold as ever. Picnic's daughter Em has a much bigger role this time around (I think her story is up next).

I loved the banter, arguing and back and forth between Ruger and Sophie. Ruger is so pigheaded and blind that at times I wanted to shake some sense into him (not that I'd dare to shake a biker). Sophie comes into her own in the story and doesn't let Ruger get his way too much; she also puts her life back together. I enjoyed her character development and it was nice to see her relationship with the Old Ladies.

As with book one there is a lot of sex and violence. The language is brash and some people may not like some of the scenes, but I loved the story and Ruger's explanation of property patches!

4.5 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:

  • Nothing says “commitment” like accessory to murder.
  • Parties that ended with stabbing weren't part of the long term plan. Neither was being tied to a man in prison, working as a stripper, or worrying about whether or not I was safe without a goddamned brand across my back like a f**king cow.
  • Ruger was over six feet tall, roped with muscle and annoyingly handsome in an I’m-probably-a-murderer-but-I’ve-got-dimples-and-a-tight-ass-so-you’ll-still-lust-after-me kind of way.
  • "I think you're a raging asshole." Ruger laughed. "Yeah, well I think you're a bitch, but my c**k likes you, so we'll figure something out."


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