31 October 2013

Conversion by S.C. Stephens Review

What they say: Emma is content. She's got a promising career in front of her, great friends, and a pretty amazing family. But her love life has been a little lacking lately. That's when fate steps in, and she crashes into a tall, dark and handsome man—Teren Adams.

He’s single, successful, an extraordinary gentleman, but he’s also secretive. And some of his secrets are more unusual than most people’s. For instance, he’s a “little bit” vampire. He has fangs, incredible hearing, unbelievable speed, and, on occasion, he enjoys drinking a steaming cup of blood. But he’s also very much alive. He has a heartbeat, loves steak as well as cappuccinos, and has no problems walking around during the day.

Since Teren acts human the majority of the time, the pros far outweigh the cons in Emma’s book. But when it becomes apparent that Teren’s condition is much more serious than he first lets on, and that being in a relationship with him requires more sacrifices than most would be willing to make, will Emma stay? Is love enough to compensate for a life that will never be anywhere near normal? But then again...what's normal anyway?
What I say: I think by now it's pretty clear I love a good vampire book, but with so many out there these days it's often hard to find a decent vamp story. Conversion by S.C. Stephens is a very different vampire story because it's not all about sexy-times nor is it overly heavy on the paranormal. The female lead Emma falls for a great guy who just happens to be a little bit vampire!
Conversion has it's own vampire mythology which I'll let you discover it for yourself because it adds to the charm of the story. Stephens includes lots of popular culture references and in-jokes. I personally loved how Teren's wacky family were the Adams family!
When Teren was going through his er...change I found him a bit frustrating but thankfully this didn't last too long. Emma was really funny and she had some brilliantly witty one-liners.
Conversion works because the vampires are generally really normal. I loved the idea of them playing crazy golf and farming cows.
I didn't read Conversion and the other books in the series the first time round but I enjoyed discovering it upon it's rerelease this year. I'm looking forward to book two!
4 Stars in my Sky!
My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • There was a three-hole putting green, because what self-respecting vampire doesn't like to practice their putt?
  • I held my breath at the fire I saw burning in the glowing orbs. Bedroom eyes had nothing on sucking-on-your-thigh eyes.
  • In my most menacing tone, I firmly told her, "I will drag your sleeping ass out into the sun, if you so much as drop a fang at my sister."
  • "Good, I don't think I could keep seeing you if you ate dog. That's just gross."

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