28 October 2013

Review: Vade Retro Satana by Michele Suzanne

What they say: It’s never easy living up to your father’s expectations, but when your father is Satan, and he sees you as his ticket to world domination, it’s especially tough.

Austan Paumgarten wrestles with normal fifteen-year-old issues like grades, girls and winning sports matches, along with some abnormal ones like what to do when his father possesses his roommate. Initially, Austan withdraws, believing himself to be a curse on others but is drawn out by three new friends; Imani Baptiste, a girl with a harrowing past who sees running fast as her only hope of going to college; Gabe Michaels, Austan’s roommate, a socially awkward guy who desperately hopes to find friendship and fit in at St. Ignatius, a competitive all-boys boarding school, and Fr. Bonaventure, a kindly old priest with a chilling connection to Austan’s family.

When his father forces him to collect souls, Austan struggles with his demonic destiny as the devil’s son and his innate desire to help those he cares about.

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I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I've read a few Satan/Devil themed books (I think it all stems from my love of Paradise Lost and Milton's charismatic Devil) and I always enjoy a good twist in the story. Austan is the son of the devil and Vade Retro Satana is about his struggle to fight fate.

The story begins with Austan arriving at a Catholic boys school where he meets his new roomie Gabe. Austan and Gabe are very different; Austan is handsome and confident. He doesn't really care what others think and has the beauty and mysteriousness of a conflicted moody bad boy. Austan wants his father out of his life and doesn't want to become like Satan. Gabe is a bit geeky and comes from a long line of successful male's and faces a lot of pressure/expectation. Gabe's a trier and a people pleaser, more than anything he wants to fit in.
Austan meets and is instantly drawn to beautiful and damaged Imani. Imani is desperate to escape her past and get a good Uni scholarship. Boys don't feature in her plans...
When Austan's father makes an appearance he creates havoc for all the characters and sets Austan a horrible challenge. He made some funny references to The Exorcist movie and his representation in popular culture.

As a Latin student I loved all the exorcism stuff and the Latin lessons, but don't let the title put you off. I found the first chapter a little hard to get into but when the story really picks up I found the plot and characters engaging.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • "After 78 years, the only things I'm sure to remember are the things I wish to forget."
  • "I hope you don't mind my asking, but what's it like?" Austan stared blankly until she clarified, "You know, being the son of Satan?"
  • "Do you have any idea what it's like being the weird, quiet guy people can't figure out?" "I'm quiet," said Austan. "Yeah, you're the cool quiet guy. Big difference."

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