6 October 2013

Book Blast and Guest Post - Zombie Cruise by Janiera Eldridge

 Zombies on a cruise ship! What could possibly go wrong?!

Blurb: Brenda Lawson signed up for a relaxing cruise but never thought she would be sharing the sea with the undead! As Brenda's paradise turns into a nightmare, she must care for a little girl who lost her mother to the darkness. Will Brenda be able to save her life and the life of a precious child or will the new monsters of the sea have two new members?
Zombie Cruise is the first short story in the Zombie Vacations serial series, which features relaxing vacations that quickly turn into zombie hells!


Release date: June 2013

Author Spotlight: Janiera enjoys feeding her book addiction when she not writing. Writing is therapeutic to her during her struggles with Fibromyalgia. Being unable to work a normal 9-5 is what encouraged her to write full time. She is also a book blogger at Beauty and Books where she mixes being a book nerd with keeping things chic. When not reading or writing she is freelance writing in the entertainment industry. When trying to relax she likes a huge yard sale on a Saturday morning, rainy days to read by and nacho cheese is her kryptonite. Soul Sisters is her debut novel.
Feel free to visit her book blog where she loves reviewing books and doing author interviews on her horror related book blog - http://janieraeldridge.blogspot.com. She loves feedback and welcomes any questions or comments to her email: prettyhaydengurl@yahoo.com and FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/authorjanieraeldridge
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Author Janiera Eldridge
1.    I have a wicked and morbid sense of humor that often carries over into my writing. The Adams Family is my favorite comedy so there you have it.
2.    I almost never buy or read a book as soon as it comes out even if it’s from my favorite author. My reading list is so large it takes me forever to get to a new read.
3.    I have an internal battle always going about whether Stephen King or Dean Koontz is my favorite author. By God, I can never decide!
4.    Justin Timberlake has been my favorite celebrity and musician since I was 10 years-old.
5.    I might be the only one to not like the movie Pitch Perfect, but it is the corniest movie I’ve seen in a long time.
6.    My favorite comedy is Brides Maids.
7.    I’m getting my first dog to devote all my love to at 22, better late than never.
8.    I write about ghosts, but the thought of them possibly existing terrifies me.
9.    Wine makes me sick. I only enjoy drinking liquor such as rum and tequila. I’m not a feather weight at all.
10. I have to watch at least 3 horror movies a week or my life just isn’t complete.

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