6 September 2013

Review: Touch by Mark Sennen

What they say: Harry likes pretty things. He likes to look at them. Sometimes that isn't enough. He wants to get closer. Naughty Harry.

DI Savage and her team in Plymouth have a string of horrific rapes on young women to investigate, but no leads whatsoever. The women are being drugged, abducted, gang raped and then dumped in the middle of nowhere. When the body of one of the rape victims is found on a beach, after being dumped out at sea, it becomes a murder case. When another body is discovered with a seemingly different MO but a photo of the first victim close by, Savage is faced with the prospect of a serial killer. A killer who is careful, meticulous, but fuelled by the most extreme and twisted passions.

The case builds into a tense life-or-death chase, and a hostage situation so close to home that Savage could lose everything she loves.

I received a copy as part of the Goodreads Firstreads scheme!

What I say: Touch is a crime/thriller set across South-West England. The book begins with DI Charlotte Savage and her team investigating a series of date-rape/abduction cases in Devon. When the body of a young woman is discovered it seems the rapist has taken a more deadly turn.
The story follows Charlotte and the other investigating team, along with the mysterious Harry, RT and Mitchell. Mark Sennen offers a disturbing and terrifying insight into the killer's head and his motivations. Norman Bates had nothing on him! Along the way we meet several sinister characters including a brutal porn enthusiast and several rapists; watch your drinks when out in Plymouth!

The police are desperately trying to find the killers in the hope they can save a missing teenager before she becomes another murder victim. Charlotte has suffered her own personal tragedy and it was interesting to see how this affected her work.
I found myself quickly engrossed in the story and couldn't put it down. Some of the scenes are pretty disturbing and highlights the problem of abuse.
4 Stars in my Sky!

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