28 September 2013

ARC Review: Summer Of Love by Sophie Pembroke

What they say (book info):

It’s only a summer fling…

Boutique jewelry designer Lily Thomas knows hating the boring ring her fiance gave her isn’t a good enough reason to end a seven-year relationship. Especially when settling down with Edward is the only thing she’s ever done right in the eyes of her mother–and her hometown. Besides, everyone else seems to be getting married: Lily’s best friend Cora, her cousin, her friends from work. So why not Lily?

But when Alex Harper, Lily’s high school crush, moves back to Felinfach, he shows her exactly why. She can’t pretend to be someone she’s not just to keep her fiance happy. It’s a terrible way to start a marriage, and a terrible way to live. Lily calls off her engagement, but she still needs a date to all the weddings crowding her summer calendar. Conveniently, Alex has a few weddings to attend as well.

They agree to be wedding buddies, and soon the whole town is talking about them. If everyone’s going to talk anyway, why shouldn’t Lily and Alex make the most of it? As long as they both know it’s only a summer fling…

CONTENT WARNING: May induce desire for pretty jewelry…

Publisher: Lyrical Press - ISBN: 9781616505028 - Release Date: November 4th 2013
I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review!
What I say (review): Long suffering Lily has put up with her mother's interference and her dull-as-dishwater Fiancé Edward for years. This all changes when her former crush Alex returns home. Alex is her best friend Cora's long absent, gorgeous older cousin.
I'm honestly surprised Lily managed to survived seven years with Edward, she must have far more patience than me. Before dating Edward, Lily was a vicarious and fun free spirit with a habit of making bad decisions. She had been labelled as the town's bad penny and had all but given up arguing with her controlling mother. Edward wants a perfect stepford bride to feed his ego, be ready and waiting at home for him. But however much she tries, this is simply not Lily.
A lot of Lily's friends are getting married over the summer and after ending her engagement (not a spoiler as is in the blurb), Lily  and Alex decide to attend the summer weddings together. I think you can imagine where the story goes but I won't spoil it for you.
Summer Of Love is about expectations, pressure and the ability to be yourself. Lily has to learn to live for herself and not as other people expect her to. Alex has to adapt to his new circumstances and realise his idea of a perfect marriage may not exist.
I liked the secondary characters, although I did think Cora was a bit selfish at first, but she redeemed herself eventually. Lily's surrogate uncle/father-figure Max was one of my favourite characters and he had some brilliant lines.
3.5 Stars in my Sky! 

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