26 September 2013

Review: The Science Bit by Hayley Carr as LBQ

Non-fiction review - The Science Bit
What they say: Want to know why you need to use a face cream, what an SLS free shampoo really means, how you should be using SPF and why face wipes are the worst thing ever invented?

Hayley Carr, aka London Beauty Queen, started her beauty blog in 2010 after working in the beauty industry for many years. Having worked in everything from NPD to in-store marketing, she spent her time delving deeper into what the products actually did and why - marketing claims aren't always to be believed.

'The Science Bit' answers these questions and more, explaining what those complicated skincare ingredients really do, as well as providing insight into why synthetic brushes are so much better for applying foundation.

Delve beneath the surface of skincare and beauty, with this easy-to-understand guide to those things we all wish we knew.
What I say: I don't generally review non-fiction books and I'm not exactly known for being an aficionado when it come to all things beauty, but sometimes it helps to have somebody explain it all for you. I keep seeing adverts for BB creams and after reading The Science Bit I finally know what this is.
If I'm bad at putting makeup on (I haven't moved all that far from my teenage panda eyes look) then I'm even worse at taking it off. When it comes to makeup removal then I'm as lazy as it comes, but it's safe to say I think I'll be giving face-wipes a wide berth from now on!
If you're not familiar with Hayley's work and her blog London Beauty Queen (LBQ) then you can check it out here. She really is the go-to gal when it comes to beauty and hair care, but more importantly she advises her readers in a fun and helpful way. The Science Bit is full of great ideas and advice, but more importantly for me it's witty and straight to the point, yet never sounds like an annoying how-to guide!
Where to buy: Amazon UK

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