30 September 2013

Almost Dead by Rebecca A. Rogers Book Blitz

Title: Almost Dead
Author: Rebecca A. Rogers
Release date: September 15th 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description:

Seventeen-year-old Flora Mackey is not exactly thrilled to wake up from a car accident and find out she’s a ghost. Making this lifelike hell even worse is being trapped with her arch enemy and collision partner, Laney Tipps. The two normally couldn’t get along if their lives depended on it, but now they have no choice.

After recovering from the initial shock of seeing their lifeless bodies—and that they can’t escape each other—Flora and Laney have to find a way out of the twisted, gray realm. But they quickly learn that the farther they stray from their motionless corpses, the weaker they become. Luckily Sara, a spirit guide, shows up to help. Sara informs them they’ll have to wait for someone in their city to die so they can take their place in the land of the living.

What’s scarier than waiting in purgatory? Time. If Flora and Laney don’t return to the physical world and leave clues for their families that they’re still alive, they’ll never be found. Which sucks, because once their bodies give out, their souls will be permanently stuck in the afterlife.

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Author Spotlight:

Rebecca expressed her creative side at an early age and hasn’t stopped since. She won’t hesitate to tell you that she lives inside her imagination, and it’s better than reality.

In short: I’d insert something here along the lines of living in the Northeast or Europe with my wonderful husband and our dogs, but these things haven’t happened yet. Instead, I’ll tell you I’m an avid gamer, chocoholic, coffee addict, animal lover, and own way too many books and shoes.

“Hello?” says a weak voice, shredding through the stillness. It sounds like this girl is at the back of a cave.
I jump. Is she the other person who was in the collision? If she is, thank God she’s okay. Alive, at least.

“Where are you?” The mist, which was steadily swirling around my ankles, has now risen to my knees. Every new step I take is like fighting against one hundred hands reaching up from below the surface.
“Over here!” she shouts.
Beyond my vehicle. Is it possible she fell off the other side of Death’s Cliff? It’s a straight road, with two drop-offs on either side. Maybe I went one way and she went the other.
Passing my totaled car, I nearly faint. My body is slumped over, my head pinning the air bag to the steering wheel. It’s obvious I’m unconscious, and that I’m bleeding from a gash on my forehead. An invisible ball clogs my throat, and I reach for it, knowing I can’t shake it loose. The aching soreness in my windpipe makes swallowing difficult. There’s a sharp nip around my eyeballs. Everything hits me at once.
I’m staring at my corpse.
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