27 September 2013

ARC Review: Immortal Revenge by Mary Abshire

The Legacy, #1
What they say: Vengeance comes with a price.

Grief stricken Katie Dillinger is on a mission to claim revenge for the death of her lover. In a race against time to find the murderer, Katie reaches out to Riker, a man listed as her boyfriend’s emergency contact. The cold-hearted man comes to Katie’s aid, but she doesn’t completely trust him. To keep her friends safe, she insists they leave town immediately. But her efforts come too late. A friend disappears and a clear message is left in the wake: surrender or more people will die.

Katie’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Riker has vowed to protect her. She’s involved in a prophecy, one which her lover had been preparing her for before his murder. All the combat training he gave her suddenly makes sense, and as Katie fights to keep her friends alive, she’s forced to prioritize. Revenge now, saving mankind next.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, Language.
A Lyrical Press Urban Fantasy - ISBN: 9781616504939 - Publication Date: 4th Nov 2013.
I received a copy from Lyrical in exchange for an honest review!
What I say: I'm a huge urban fantasy fan and I love a good vampire story which is exactly what Immortal Revenge is!
Katie is a woman on a mission and the mission's name is revenge! Human Katie is determined to hunt down her vampire boyfriend Kyle's killer. Kyle left her with orders to call his friend Riker if anything happened to him. Riker is a moody and stubborn vampire loner who doesn't take direction well.
In Immortal Revenge humans (other than a select few like Katie) are not aware of vampires. As a former member of the Order of the Legacy (a group of vamps who prevent the killing of humans), Kyle trained Katie to fight and to defend herself from the now evil Order hunters.
I really liked Katie, she's uber badass in Buffy kinda way. She takes everything in her stride, holding it together even when she wanted to break down after loosing Kyle. It was interesting to watch Katie and Riker interact because they both hated giving in to the other and for the most part Riker treated her like a naughty pupil! I was expecting some type of romance between them - I hate spoilers so I'll let you discover for yourself whether this happens. 
The secondary characters were good; Katie's best friend Jules had some brilliant one-liners. I also liked Ben and Charlie and am hoping for more of them in the follow-up.
I also really appreciated how Katie wasn't desperate to become a vampire and had previously turned down Kyle's offer/request to turn her. Katie's relationship with Kyle wasn't part of a vampire fantasy, she truly loved him.
A good vampire story with a kick-ass heroine and an extremely moody sort-of-hero!
3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!
My fav non-spoilery quotes:
  • "One day you’re a college graduate, in love with Mr. Right and looking for a job. The next day, you're Rambo."
  • "One woman against two bloodsuckers. This I got to see."
  • "Don't worry, if she's anything like you, I'll have her purring soon."

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