8 September 2013

Review: The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice by Paige W. Pendelton

The Black Ledge Series #2

What they say: He’d bonded with the child. It was foretold, and so it would be.

Black Ledge is inhabited again, but not everyone in the Realm is pleased. As the Driscolls settle into their new home they meet magical Beings, discover secrets, and exasperate the Elven Guard. They’re having a great time.

Charm turns to alarm when they meet Doris, the Acadian Water Witch, who's removed the Alabaster Chalice from its watery grave. The Noctivagi, drawn by the artifact's Water Magyk, seek the Chalice for their own nefarious purpose, and mayhem ensues.

Eleanor, Rob, Jack, and Flora fight time and tide to return the Alabaster Chalice to the Undine Prince before the darkness steals it.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice begins right after the events of book #1. A quick review - Eleanor, Jack, Rob and Flora moved to a new house Black Ledge where they meet Camedon the Keeper, who informs them they are now 'aware' and can see the magical world around them.

Eleanor, Rob, Jack, and Flora are on their school summer holiday, and as every child knows, when you are a child summer = adventure!! I personally would have loved to live in a house like theirs, where there's a constant supply of surprises and excitement!

Eleanor, Camedon, the Elf Queen and Gunnr-the-sort-of-vampire, are working to save the Realm and fight of the bad guys. This instalment in the series definitely had a darker edge than book #1, but I would still let my young junior school aged cousins read it. I personally find Rob and Jack a bit annoying, but I think it goes back to the first book and all the bossy brother stuff.

Kids will love this series because it's full of adventure, besting the baddies and meeting mythological creatures including Elves, Vampire's, Brownies, Gargoyle's and so much more.
You can read my review of The Keeper and the Rune Stone (book #1) here!

3.5 Stars in my Sky!

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