20 June 2015

Tour, Special Guest Post & Giveaway - Date With a Rockstar

Date With a Rockstar
by Sarah Gagnon

Release Date: June 23rd 2015
Publisher: Spencer Hill Contemporary

Only one girl will win the cash prize...and a chance at love with Jeremy Bane.

Monet isn’t just another lust-struck teenager trying to win the heart of Rock God Jeremy Bane--she needs the prize money from his new reality show to cure her illness. 

Monet has Fluxem, a contagious disease that's spread through saliva. It's completely curable if you have enough money, which she and her single mother don't. Now that she's on the show, Monet has to work harder to keep her Fluxem hidden. She only has to keep the secret long enough to woo Jeremy Bane so he picks her as the winner. She doesn't even care about the love part; the prize alone will change her life.

But the real Jeremy Bane is nothing like she imagined. Monet finds herself fighting against feelings that make her want to give in to her attraction and Jeremy's attempts for a kiss. The further she goes in the competition, the more impossible it becomes to resist him--and when the producers turn the tables and start digging up dirt on the contestants, Monet fears her secret will be revealed before she's ready and ruin everything.

The only way to win Jeremy's heart is to tell him the truth, but confessing her disease could cost her the competition, the prize money, and him.

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Sarah has written an extra special guest post for us about the world building and Monet's life in Date With a Rockstar:

One of the things I loved the most about writing Date With a Rockstar was the futuristic aspects. At one point in edits, someone made the mistake of suggesting more world building, and I added and added. Not so good.

As a reader I’ve always had a soft spot for epic fantasy, so I latched onto that advice, but it ended up being more of a tricky balance than I imagined. When I over described, I had a tendency to make the environment sound more blighted than I’d intended.

The first page originally had a line about skin eroding chemicals in the rain and readers asked: What terrible catastrophe has befallen the world?
Me: Uh, nothing. Imagine how things are now and then just 40 years worse with no government programs for the poor.

As I added more about the world, the whole plot screeched to a halt while I wrote pages about the metal society and the mall. In fact there was once a lot about shopping at the mall, which was unrelated to most everything else in the book. Whoops. Luckily, I had an editor to rein me in. (sorry, I love shopping)

A few key points to the world.

1. China has called in the debt the US owed them, and to try to pay them back, our country confiscated precious metals.
2. Rather than make many harmful things illegal, our government just decided to raise taxes on those items.
3. Over-population caused a breakdown of social welfare system.
4. People stopped paying back credit card debt, so those companies went under and no more easy loans.

For Monet, these financial limitations hit hard. There’s no easy cure for an impoverished girl with Fluxem. But beyond that, fine art is no longer supported in a way that she could make a living, so she creates new jewelry out of the old for the secret metal society. Much of her work is scratch art. She carves into dark-coated metal and then gold shavings fill in her designs. On paper she scratches in to the black covering while listening to Jeremy Bane’s music as inspiration. She’s also been known to get around the anti-graffiti technology by carving designs directly into buildings.

At one point in the story, Jeremy Bane sees Monet’s designs and particularly loves one of the waves. A design Monet scratched with a pin while listening to his song Ocean 65 on repeat. One lucky winner will win an extremely limited edition of this concert t-shirt.

Thanks for reading! –Sarah Gagnon

Author Spotlight:

Sarah Gagnon grew up in the frigid woods of Maine amidst snow and animal skins and has now moved back home. As a small child she wrote ship-wrecked romances all while being stared down by a taxidermied duck.

She has a BFA in photography and a minor in writing from the University of Southern Maine. She's the mother of two tiny, feral children and two ill-behaved dogs. For fun she’s taken up construction and interior design. Her first project: moving into a dilapidated farmhouse with her computer-genius husband. 

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