25 June 2015

Tour & Review - BEAT


by Vi Keeland

(A standalone novel)
Release date:  June 15th

A Contemporary Romance novel

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Vi Keeland 

Meet Flynn and Lucky in this rock star romance!

Watch the trailer for Beat:

Dimpled smile of a boy
Hard body of a man
Sings like an angel
F**ks like the devil

I was stuck between a rock(star) and a hard place.

At fifteen, his poster hung on my bedroom wall.  At twenty-five his body hovered over mine.  Every girl’s fantasy became my reality.  I was dating a rockstar.  Yet I was slowly falling for another man.  The problem was—the two men—they shared a tour bus.   

Flynn Beckham was the opening act.
Dylan Ryder was the headliner.

What happens when the opening act begins to shine so bright, it seems to dim everything else in its wake?

I’ll tell you what happens.  Things get ugly. 


Getting through Flynn singing is incredibly hard.  The way his throat moves, the way his mouth caresses each syllable of the low, raspy sound that falls from his lips.  I should be watching his posture, his breathing, the way his larynx forces out the words—but instead I’m focused on the beauty of his mouth and how the sound of his voice glides over my body, making it feel both warm and tingly at the same time.  I’m lost when the song finishes, yet I haven’t really observed him yet.
“So.  Give it to me straight.  What am I doing wrong?”
Ummm…absolutely nothing from what I can see.  Everything was perfect.  Don’t change a thing.  Shit.  “Could you do it again?  Maybe a different song, one you haven’t sung in a while.  So the sounds are less familiar to your body.  Sometimes that can give me a different view.”  At least I make it sound like a real thing when the words come out.
He sings again, and this time I force myself to observe.  “Hmm…your posture is great.  Most people have a tendency to favor one side of their neck, which makes them tilt a bit when they speak, and it becomes magnified when they sing, which puts strain on the muscles around the vocal cords.  Your alignment is perfect.”
“Thank you, it goes with the rest of my perfectness,” he says with a teasing arrogance that, from the little I know about him, I know isn’t real.
“You didn’t let me finish.”
“You can’t now tell me I’m not perfect.  I was already basking in the glow.”
“Actually, it was perfect…but almost a little too perfect.  Which makes me think you don’t usually stand this way when you sing.”
“It isn’t the way I normally sing.  On stage, I usually have a guitar over my shoulder.  Even if I’m not playing it, it’s there.”
“Well, I need to see you holding your instrument to assess you fully, then.”
Flynn’s eyebrows quirk up and the dirty grin on his face is unmistakable.
“The guitar.  I’d need to see you holding the guitar.
“That’s a shame.”  He shrugs, the playful smile still on his face.  “But okay.  It’s your call.  Whatever instrument you want to see me hold is fine with me.”
“How big of you.”
“So now we’re talking about the other instrument again?”

I roll my eyes, although this conversation is having more of an effect on me than I let on.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: If you're familiar with Throb then you'll probably remember up-and-coming rocker, and all round dreamboat Flynn Beckham. Flynn may not have won the girl that time but I had high hopes for him in Beat.

Never one to do things the easy way, Flynn again falls for the most unobtainable girl aka Lucky (loved the name). I'm seriously convinced the guy loves a love triangle! I particularly loved how Keeland decided to twist the usual trope - both guys were heavily in demand rockers: one the new star and the other an established 'dream' guy who all the girls want. Lucky has quite the choice to make.

I went into the story with a huge bias; I already wanted Flynn to get the girl, but I'm glad Keeland didn't make it easy for Lucky or the reader to make a definitive choice (well mostly). 

I really appreciated all the musical insights and the character names: Flynn Beckham and Dylan Rider were always going to be famous with names like that!

I loved how Lucky bought out Flynn's softer and more vulnerable side. After the events in Throb he wasn't afraid to fight for the girl. I would have liked Lucky to be a little more decisive at times, but considering the circumstances I completely understood her situation.  I really wasn't the biggest supporter of Dylan - I kept remembering the quote about never meeting your idols. Oh to be faced with Lucky's choice...

I'm usually not the biggest fan of love triangles and am very anti-cheating but I found myself desperately hoping Lucky would cheat with Flynn and leave Dylan (I'm not sure what this says about me) - don't worry no spoilers here!

Lucky and Flynn really bring out the angst in Beat. I found myself torn between wanting them to realise the great potential they had together, to being really annoyed at their many misunderstandings.

4 Stars in my Sky!

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Author Spotlight:

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

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