12 June 2015

Winner, Winner - Memorial Day/Spring Holiday

Memorial Day/Spring Holiday Winner.

(Ahh!! Sorry I just realised I STILL hadn't done this).

The goodies below were up for grabs...

(Only mentioned items are signed!)

Sparkly silver style pink star necklace with gift bag (not silver)
2 x bracelets
1 x Tied garter
1 x The Keatyn Chronicles button pin
1 x Janey Rosen pen
1 x What If Butterfly temp tattoos
1 x #WhatIf Sticker (I think it's a sticker but I'm not 100% sure)
Bookmarks: Black Falcon (signed by Michelle A. Valentine), Bad Rep (signed by A. Meredith Walters) & The Sebastian Trilogy (signed by Janey Rosen).
Cards: The Raven (signed by Sylvain Reynard), Inferno, Hell's Kitchen (signed by Callie Hart as Hart Saint Germain), The Wishes Series & Blue Genes (signed by Sydney Jamesson). 

The Winner is:

Zairah D

The winner has 3 days to reply to winner notification before I redraw.

Giveaway T&C's:
I cannot be held accountable for winners & prizes - I am not responsible for missing prizes & anything lost in transit. Prizes will not be replaced (but proof of postage is gained). I check all entries before giving out prizes to make sure your entry is still valid. I'm sorry kiddies but you need to be 18 or older to enter, or have a parent enter for your (or have recognised parental permission) as some of the books are for adults. I have purchased these prizes for giveaway purposes & the giveaway is not linked to the publisher, author, company, or any social media unless stated otherwise. If you're not legally allowed to enter then your entry is void. Incomplete entries or giveaway only accounts are also void!! 


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