22 June 2015

Tour, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway - KING

by T.M. Frazier


Homeless, hungry and desperate enough to steal, Doe has no memories of who she is or where she comes from.

A notorious career criminal just released from prison, King is someone you don’t want to cross unless you’re prepared to pay him back in blood, sweat, sex or a combination of all three.

King’s future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, sex, drug use, abuse, and other taboo subjects and adult subject matter. Although originally slated to be a standalone, KING is now a two part series.

Author Spotlight:

 T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her husband and three feisty fur kids.

She attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she specialized in public speaking. After years working in real estate and new home construction, she decided it was finally time to stop pushing her dreams to the back burner and pursue writing seriously.

In the third grade she wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from both her teacher and her parents.

It only took her twenty years to start the next one.
It will not be about hamsters.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Holy tension batman!! KING is dark, intense and kind of twisted. It's definitely not for younger readers and I'm sure the moral ambiguity won't be for everybody. Personally I appreciate stories that are not afraid to go all-in in terms of intensity and drama. I think you can probably tell from the blurb the book is all kinds of fierce, dramatic and dark, but it also has a hidden sweet romance. KING shows far greater depth than just 'hot-overbearing-alpha-male-corrupts-young-innocent-girl.' This is mainly because I'm not sure I'd necessarily describe Doe as innocent, plus the mystery element really adds to the plot.

I'm not going to spoil the plot by giving you a blow-by-blow account of what happens in KING, instead I'm going to focus on how I felt reading T.M. Frazier's story. King himself is bad. I don't mean he's a guy playing at being bad, he is bad. He's done terrible things and continues to do them. Before you condemn him completely it's worth noting that he is capable of doing nice things and of great kindness. 

King's world is thrown into disarray when he meets Doe. Doe is a huge mystery. Suffering from amnesia she literally has no idea of who she is or where she's from. Everything is unknown to her and she's definitely not expecting to meet troubled King, nor to be thrust into his dark and often scary world.

There are a lot of sexy scenes throughout the story so be prepared to swoon, get your blush on and possibly be horrified all at once. The story is 'twist galore' and be ready for the mother of all cliffys at the end! With book two Tyrant releasing in August it isn't too long a wait to discover what happens next.

I liked the secondary characters. The grannies made me laugh and despite myself I liked Preppy. I'm not sure what it says about me because I was expecting to be horrified by certain elements of the story (which at times I was), but I also found myself liking these dark characters and hoping they'd all get a HEA. As you'll see from the warning KING is dark and does cover a lot of traumatic issues, some of which may be triggers for some readers. I choose to focus on how the characters fought to escape the darkness and how they built a unique family.

4 Stars in my Sky!


“Hey there,” a deep voice rumbled against my ear.
When I turned around, I was eye level with a wall of leather with white patches sewn into it. One read VICE PRESIDENT and the other, BEACH BASTARDS. The man wearing the vest had long blonde hair that draped over to one side of his head, revealing the shaved area beneath. He had a beard, not stubble, a full-on beard that was a few inches long and very well groomed. He stood well over six feet, his frame lean yet very cut and muscular. I couldn’t tell what color his eyes were because his lids hung heavy and were slightly reddened. His entire neck was covered with colorful tattoos and when he went to light a cigarette I noticed that the backs of both of his hands and were covered in ink as well.
“Hey,” I answered back, trying to assert my newly found false confidence.
He was beyond attractive. He was gorgeous. If I had to end up in someone’s bed, I imagined that being in his wouldn’t be half-bad. He sniffled, drawing attention to the light dusting of white powder trapped in his nostrils.
“They call me Bear. You belong to anyone?” he asked seductively, leaning in toward me.
“Maybe…you?” I winced at my choice of words. Of all the f**king things I could have said, THAT was what came to mind? Stupid f**king mouth. Nikki was right. I spoke first and thought second.
Bear chuckled. “I’d love that, beautiful, but I got something else in mind.”
“Oh, yeah? What would that be?” I asked, trying to keep my tone light although my mind and heart were racing.
“This party? It’s for my buddy. And he was down here for a total of thirty minutes before he hightailed it upstairs to drown himself in a bottle of Jack. He’s like a cat in a tree, can’t seem to talk him down. It’s understandable, seeing as he’s been away a while, but I figure you can help me out.”
He hooked his finger into the front of my skirt and slowly dragged me toward him until my nipples were flush up against his chest. He pressed his fingers into the skin right above my pubic bone and I resisted the urge to jump back by biting down on my bottom lip.
“The BBB’s have never really been his thing.” He paused when he saw the confused look on my face at his abbreviation. “Beach Bastard Bitches.” He explained. “But you? You’re new. You’re different. You’ve got this cute little innocent thing going on, but I know you’re not or you wouldn’t be at this kind of party if that was your deal. I’m thinking he’ll like you.” Bear brushed his lips against the side of my neck. 



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