14 October 2014

Tweet Me Tuesday: Gets Baking

Because I spend WAY too much time looking at random stuff on Twitter, FB, Youtube & the web in general, I decided to dedicate Tuesdays to the random-awesomeness you can find online. So I give you 'TWEET ME TUESDAY'...

Please join in and share yours with us all and spread the love! (It doesn't have to be from Tweets - just anything random/interesting you've seen online this week!

This week's picks are:

BuzzFeed's AWESOME bookshops 'Every book lover must visit'!!

Tweeted by @Scholastic (via )

I love this post because it celebrates those quirky and dedicated bookshops which are battling against the online buying revolution. I've been to several on the list (mainly in London). You can check out the list here. My favourite on the list is Armchair Books (Edinburgh) where I spent hours finding unique treasures in July, but am definitely going to swing by the Honesty Bookshop in Hay Castle...

Which bookstores would you add to the list? These are UK based.

Quotes about Books.

I love this reading themed quote by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu so much I decided to make my own Ecard...

When I take things too far!

Available on Amazon UK here!

I'm sure these were probably designed with Christenings in mind, but being as it combines books and baking, I think it'd be great to make the perfect birthday cake for book lovers everywhere...

Book Cake Tin!



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