4 October 2014

Play Date ARC Review

Play Date - Play Makers #3
by Kate Donovan

Beyond the Page Publishing - ISBN: 9781940846286

What they say: Bam! When quarterback Johnny Spurling cancels his blind date with Rachel Gillette on account of matrimony, she cheerfully agrees to a substitution—Sean Decker, another hunk in pro football’s feared Triple Threat. But love doesn’t spark between the adorable kicker and the kindergarten teacher, and she wonders if she’s destined to sit on the bench forever.

No one is crazy enough to match Rachel with the third member of the Triple Threat. Bam Bannerman is Thor-like of body, potty of mouth, and hot as hell. And when he spots the classy blonde at Johnny’s wedding, he’s determined to have some fun. Sure, she’s prim and proper, but he’s Bam, isn’t he? So no problem.
To Rachel, who’s tired of being ignored and rejected, the rowdy halfback is a hilarious change of pace. They sneak away, he rocks her world, then she fondly bids him farewell.
But Bam isn’t done scoring, and before Rachel knows what’s hit her she’s enjoying weekly hookups with the irrepressible stud. When a heartsick Sean signals he might want to get back into the game, she suddenly finds herself with her hands full—and discovers her arms, and maybe even her heart, are full too.
Author Spotlight:
Kate Donovan is a Niners fan, a wife, a mother, a lawyer, and an author. She has more than twenty books and novels to her credit, publishing in genres including fantasy, historical romance, legal thriller, romantic suspense, and young adult science fiction. Play Date is the third book in her Play Makers series, following Play by Play and Playing for Keeps. You can visit Kate’s website at www.katedonovan.com.

I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: Play Date is the third book in Kate Donovan's Play Makers series (after Play by Play and Playing for Keeps). I've only read one of the previous books but Play Date works fine as a standalone.

The series follows the tangled love lives of players in an American football team and their leading ladies. Play Date focuses on teacher Rachel and player Vince Bannerman aka Bam. Initially unsuccessfully set-up with other players Johnny then Decker, Rachel finds herself having fun with 'hit em and quit em' Bam. I loved these two together. They really seemed to compliment each other, even though they're opposites.

Rachel is sweet, beautiful and funny. She continuously finds herself drawn into strange situations and having to fix other peoples problems. I couldn't work out how she ended up in the Decker situation.

I loved Bam! I liked how much effort he put into pursuing Rachel and into making her feel special. Whenever Rachel would unintentionally hurt his feelings I felt really bad for him.

I enjoyed the book, although I did find certain aspects a little fast, whilst others seemed rather convenient. The book is a short and sweet read which football and romance fans will enjoy.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!


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