15 October 2014

Never Marry A Viscount Review

Never Marry a Viscount
by Anne Stuart

Coming 23rd Sept by Montlake Romance

What they say: She’s crept back into the home she lost. He’s crept into her heart.
Sophie Russell was once society’s darling. But after the disgrace and death of her father, she now finds all doors firmly shut to her—including those of her family home. To discover the secrets now hidden within its beloved walls, she’ll pose as a cook and spy on the estate’s new owner, a broodingly handsome viscount, who may have schemed against the Russells. Instead of dishing up the truth, the viscount tempts Sophie with delicacies of his own…
Viscount Griffiths suspects that there is more to his new cook than meets the eye—especially since it was a mistress he hired sight unseen, not a cook. With the hope that her passion in the kitchen will extend to his bedchamber, he humors the beautiful interloper. But when that passion burns to brightest love, revelations may shake both of their wary hearts…
The final sensuous book in the Scandal at the House of Russell trilogy will lay the truth bare.
I received a copy from the publisher (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review!
What I say: I'm new to Anne Stuart's Scandal at the House of Russell series so I haven't read the previous books. Never Marry a Viscount is the final instalment but it works well as a standalone and you don't need to have read the first two books to enjoy it.
The story follows Sophie Russell as she tries to assist her sisters uncover the truth surrounding their father's fall from grace and suspicious death. She manages to trick/con her way into working in her former home now owned by one of their suspects, Alexander, Viscount Griffiths.  Sophie poses as the new chef, whilst looking for any incriminating evidence.

The book takes a hysterical turn when Alexander presumes she's his new mistress who is playing hard to get. He believes that her taking over as the chef is part of some sexy game. Sophie thinks he's a handsome scoundrel, the 'Dark Viscount' and tries to ignore her attraction to him. Alexander on the other hand makes naughty comments and becomes more and more baffled as to why his mistress constantly avoids being with him. These scenes are really funny and I had a constant smile on my face as their misunderstandings continued.
The added comedy helped make the plot more than the usual history romance whilst the mystery element added intrigue and drama. I enjoyed the story and found their banter quirky and fun.

3.5 - 4 Stars in my Sky!


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