10 January 2016

Books in Weird Places - Call Out

I'm researching for a post on usual reading spots and strange places you've discovered books.

My top reading spot: Whenever I'm on holiday in the French Alps I always find my perfect snug reading spot. It's always somewhere I can be warm and cozy, whilst reading a book, and of course be surrounded by snow - no idea why, but there's something really satisfying about it!

On our balcony on my last snowboarding hol.

Strangest place I've found a book: On my round-the-world-trip I found a Robin Hobb book wedged into a crack in a palm tree. This was on a tiny Fijian island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it had been there for years (unfortunately I can't find the pic).

If you have any stories or pics of great, strange and interesting reading spots please let me know & I'll feature them on the blog.

Z x


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