28 December 2013

This Man Review by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man, Beneath This Man and This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas series review! Be warned there are lots of naughty bits and the books are definitely adult books!

This Man:

Young interior designer Ava O’Shea has an appointment for a first consultation at The Manor with the owner, Mr Jesse Ward. She is expecting nothing more than an overweight, cravat wearing, well-to-do countryman, and on arrival, nothing would suggest otherwise. How wrong could she be? 

This Man is devastatingly handsome, charming and confident. He is also a conceited, hedonistic playboy, who knows no boundaries. Ava desperately does not want to be attracted to him, but she can’t control the overwhelming affect he has on her. Every instinct is telling her to run, so she does, but Jesse Ward is not so willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her. She knows she is heading for heartbreak, but how can she run when he won’t let her?

What I say: 26-year-old Ava is a successful interior designer/decorator who has just finished working on an exclusive building in London. She is personally requested to work on a series of new rooms at The Manor. Ava is expecting a stuffy, balding old man so is extremely shocked when the owner turns out to be the handsome and mysterious alpha-male Mr Jesse Ward! 

In some ways This Man is very 50 Shades of Grey-like but in other's it's not, I hope this becomes clearer after reading. It's difficult to go too much into the plot without giving much away. Where Christian Grey has a red room, Jesse Ward has a manor!

I still cannot decide whether I loved or hated Jesse. He's hot, strong, confident, possessive and skilled BUT at the same time he's controlling and takes stalking to another level. The cursing stuff was a bit too Christian-like at times BUT Jesse is not CG!

To me Ava is an amalgamation of Eva from the Crossfire series and Ana Steele from 50 Shades. She's more determined than Eva and Ana and I felt she was stronger than the two. I did find her annoying at times because for all her running and protestations she kept going back for more and allowed and encouraged Jesse's questionable behaviour.

I liked the secondary characters, but the did remind me of those from 50 Shades, but they work well in this story. I liked Jesse's determination and the mystery of The Manor (seriously how Ava didn't work it out straight away I'll never know). If you don't like alpha-male leads then This Man is defo not for you, but if you give Mr 'Control-freak' Ward a chance you'll want to figure out all his secrets...mainly how old is he? But be warned there is a cliff hanger!

4 Stars in my Sky!

My fav non-spoilery quotes:

  • "You persistently fighting this is only making me more determined to prove that you want me."
  • "If you want full length skirts and polo neck jumpers, then I suggest you find someone your own age."
  • "Why, are you indestructible?" He holds the helmet above my head. "No, lady, self-destructible."

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