12 December 2013

ARC Review: Witness Pursuit by Joanne Wadsworth

What they say: 

One witness...one bodyguard...one life.

Twenty-one-year-old New Zealander Lydia Sands witnessed the hit-and-run of a powerful man’s son. Her bodyguard is shot when the killer returns to dispose of her and The Program puts her in hiding. A year later, the case remains unsolved and her handler needs to get her further from the killer’s reach. Lydia detests the thought of being close enough to endanger the man who nearly died protecting her, even if it’s aboard a super-yacht traveling the south Pacific.

Tyler Whitehall’s shooting stole weeks from his memory. Physically recovered, he oversees security for Whitehall Shipping. While on a family holiday, Tyler is suspicious of the woman accompanying them without notice or security clearance, as his nephew’s caregiver. Stronger than suspicion is his incomprehensible attraction to her, and his instinct to protect her.

Once sensitive information is leaked, Lydia undergoes re-identification to evade a killer and protect the man who’d die to save her. Her bodyguard has just begun his pursuit, and she may have underestimated his abilities.

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual content

  • A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance (published 1st Dec 2013).

What I Say (review): Witness Pursuit focuses on Lydia as she struggles to cope with life in witness protection. Not only does she have horrible memories from witnessing a murder, she's also dealing with the guilt of her former bodyguard Tyler being shot whilst trying to protect her.

Lydia's handler Ben sends her to hide out/work for Tyler's family as a nanny for Tyler's 4-year-old nephew. Tyler has lost his memories of the shooting and doesn't remember Lydia, but he's instantly drawn to her and actively pursues her. 

The story follows Lydia as she reconnects with Tyler and tries to move on from the past. The killer wants Lydia silenced and Tyler, Ben and the team will do anything to protect her.

I enjoyed the family dynamics between Tyler and his brother's, I'm hoping the  next book will focus on one of them. Witness Pursuit is a sweet romance with a hint of drama to keep things interesting.

3.5 Stars in my Sky!

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Author Spotlight: Where Romance Meets Fantasy and Adventure… Reading romance books captivated Joanne Wadsworth as a teenager, particularly when she tucked herself into bed at night and continued to dream those stories as she slept, visualizing the direction and taking the hero and heroine on an adventure unparalleled to what she’d read.  Today she is devoted to writing romance, bringing her imagination to life within the lines of young adult, contemporary, and historical Highlander.

Born in New Zealand, Joanne works both as a writer and a financial controller, all while keeping up with her four energetic children and dreamy husband.
She is busy at work writing books within her three series. The first is MAGIO-EARTH, a young adult, fantasy romance line. The second is BODYGUARDS, a contemporary line. And thirdly, HIGHLANDER HEAT, a historical Highlander time travel line.

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