28 August 2015

Into the Dark - Review

Into the Dark
by Caroline T. Patti

What they say: A girl’s sweet sixteen party is supposed to be among the most memorable events of her life. But on the night of hers, Mercy Clare wakes in the waiting room of a hospital with no memory of how she got there. To make matters worse, she’s wearing something she’d never be caught dead in: her best friend Lyla’s clothes. 

Mercy’s nightmare is just beginning. The doctor arrives to tell her that it’s she who lies in the hospital bed waiting to die. A trip to the bathroom confirms Mercy’s fears, as Lyla’s face stares back at her and Lyla’s curvy figure pokes through her tight clothes. 

But finding out what’s really going on won’t be easy. Because if Mercy wants her body back, it might just cost her Lyla’s life.

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I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review!

What I say: I loved the concept behind Into the Dark, it's really clever. What should have been a fun night turns into a nightmare when Mercy finds herself somehow suddenly trapped inside her best friend Lyla's body. Her actual body is critically injured in hospital. With everybody thinking she's Lyla, she has no idea what happened or how to fix things.

When the impossible has happened you need somebody to help out - Cue Gage (don't worry no spoilers). Not only is the mysterious Gage aware that Lyla is Mercy, he also introduces her to the secret world of Breachers and hunters. I wasn't sure what to make of Gage, but I appreciated his dedication. He certainly rocks at being mysterious! 

A lot happens in a short period of time, so be prepare for drama, action and twist galore.   I did find Mercy a little trying at times, but I did understand her confusion. She definitely grew on me as the story progressed. 

It was extremely hard for Mercy to know who to trust because almost everybody had an agenda. This helped to give the narrative interesting and away from too much teen angst. I was left with a couple unanswered questions but I got the impression this was done to make way for a potential sequel or series... 

4 Stars in my Sky!


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