21 November 2013

Of Dreams and Shadow by D.S. McKnight Tour

Young Adult Paranormal
Date Published: 9/23/2013

Sixteen year old Jenna Barton isn’t a happy camper.  She’s had to move to a new town in the middle of her junior year.  It doesn’t help that her new neighbor, Chase Williams, is particularly unwelcoming.   Unfortunately, for Jenna these are the least of her problems.  She’s become the obsession of a murderous ghost.  Sarah Jones was just four years old when she disappeared and Chase was the only witness.  No one believed the ramblings of a scared little boy — especially when he said a shadow took Sarah.  Now, all he wants is for Jenna to move.  He knows what resides in her backyard — but how can he tell her?  She wouldn’t believe him anyway.   When Silas (the shadow) decides that Jenna will be his next victim, Sarah (don’t call her a ghost!) realizes she has to stop him.   It will take their combined efforts to save Jenna.

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What I say (review): Of Dreams and Shadow: Forget Me Not is sweet, sentimental and slightly sinister. Sounds an odd mix I know but this adeptly describes D.S. McKnight's YA novel; the friendships and romances are sweet, the almost fairy tale element is really sentimental and the baddie is most definitely sinister!

4-year-old Sarah goes missing in a strange and supernatural manner witnessed only by 4-year-old neighbour Chase. For 12 years nobody knows what happened to Sarah and when 16-year-old Jenna and her Mum move into Sarah's old house a now teenage Chase is worried.

Jenna cannot understand why Chase instantly dislikes her and is embarrassed by her obvious interest in him. There is a reason for Chase's supposed dislike which given the circumstances and the age of the characters was completely understandable. 

The book is paranormal without being paranormal. Jenna and Chase face some strange and mysterious circumstances yet D.S. McKnight doesn't rely too heavily on the supernatural elements. There were a couple of small issues surrounding Silas which didn't make complete sense to me but they're fairly inconsequential to the plot. 

The book follows Jenna and Chase as they investigate the past and confront the shocking present. The side plot focused largely on the teen battleground that is high school. Jenna faces moving to a new town where everybody knows everyone else's business and the horror of making new friends. There is of course the obligatory mean girl who I have to admit I kept expecting to be something supernatural.

3 - 3.5 Stars in my Sky!

Author Spotlight: 

When I was a little girl, I was afraid of my shadow - seriously afraid - running and screaming afraid. Perhaps I've always been a victim of an over-active imagination and maybe that explains the monsters hiding under my bed, the ghosts lurking in my closet, and the Shadow that inspired my first novel – Of Dreams and Shadow:  Forget Me Not.  I have always loved to write.  While in school, I dreamed of being a reporter, parachuting into war-torn places and getting "the story."  In reality I’m afraid of heights and would never jump out of a perfectly good flying machine.   I have been fortunate enough to have had a varied career - from working as a DJ for a small radio station to serving as the president and part owner of a marina.  I am married, have three sons and live in coastal North Carolina.


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