23 November 2013

50 Years of Doctor Who

Geeks like me rejoice (and yes I know this has nothing to do with books)!!

I had a big, long, rambling post planned where I would tell you all how much I love the awesomeness that is DOCTOR WHO and how excited I am for the 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor which air's tonight at 7:50 pm (UK time) and simultaneously in over 80 other countries. 

BUT then I decided to bake a TARDIS cake whilst watching past episodes...!

For more info about the 50th Anniversary and the special TV and radio events the Beeb have going on (there's a live after party on BBC3 this eve directly after the episode) then head to the BBC Doctor Who website!!

For anybody who is as excited as me, I'll see you on Twitter for lots of OMG-ing, crying and drinking!! Back to books tomorrow!!


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