22 July 2019

Review Policy Update 22nd July

I'm a little sad that I have to write this post, but here goes...

I've received a few shall we say, less than friendly emails recently re review and promo requests. I always make it clear that due to the volume of requests I am not able to get back to you all, so please don't get offended. It is nothing personal but I would spent all the time I use for reading and writing posts responding to emails if I did reply to them all.

It is worth considering that hassling me and other bloggers isn't exactly going to inspire us to promote anything for you - so be kind. Sending us nasty emails after an unsolicited request wastes everyone's time and is tacky. I do not owe you anything, no matter the circumstances. I run this blog because I love books and want to help out the community. Please treat me with the respect I give to you.

The blog is currently and has been a for a while now, closed for review requests! I have a huge backlog of posts and books waiting to be read. I've been working on a degree for the past year and am just starting a new role which has to come first. That being said I love books and this blog, so I have lots of exciting things planned this year.

I ask you read my policy here and remember I will not be accepting review/promo requests for the next few months. As soon as the blog is open for requests again I will update the policy page. 

Thank you for the continued support and happy reading.

Z x


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